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Halo 3 .com states that Gravemind is the brain basically, or leader of all the flood lifeforms.... WHAT THE ......... Why did they reveal that???? Did you guys know this?[/code]
Srsly. :roll: It was kind of obvious, but I encounter tons of people who still have no idea what he... err... it is. it doesn't make a whole lot of sense, I know, because he helped MC and the arbiter, but the flood is (Are?) trying to kill them. But Cortana said at one point that he was just using them to get to In Amber Clad, but I still don't get why.

And why is this on Halo3.com anyways? Bungie NEVER reveals anything about plot... Ever. I know Microsoft makes the site (but I don't know why), but they shouldn't that much more about the plot than the rest of us...

^^^Sorry if that's a little (or very) unclear. I'm listening to music as I typeing , and half-singing-along. :$ops:
i figured e had something to do with the flood maybe like a bigger one and hes not the only. BTW the guy who did the voice for gravemind do the voice for one of the penguins in Happy Feet.
I thought Gravemind was like a super advanced Brain Form.

Eh, either way, I knew it for a long time too. I guess they put that info out because they didn't think it'd surprise anybody.
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