*Spoilers* Halo The Series Lore Discrepancies

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This isn't really for any greater purpose than listing and posting the found lore changes from the games/books to the show.
1. because I think it is fun to find these.
2. because it is worthwhile for newer fans with questions about the lore.

If you would like to discuss the show please do so on the discussion thread. Be aware that this is going to be full of spoilers by default.

Now on to the discoveries: (watch for duplicates and try to avoid them if possible)
Here are a few that stuck out to me (updated as of 1st watch through ep 3)
  • Timeline change: The series begins in 2552. 27 years into the Human-Covenant War. Yet The planet in question (Madrigal) is an outer colony; which had all mostly been destroyed by 2535-2536 in the main timeline. "By the time of the Battle of Jericho VII in 2535, most of the Outer Colonies were either destroyed or cut communications with the UNSC."
  • Cortana Clone: The Clone Halsey created doesn't match the characteristics of a flash clone that would have been used to create the Cortana AI. the show appears to present a more "standard" understanding of cloning for this purpose.
  • Spartan training/development: So far the largest deviation is that the spartan training seems to have required or implemented some sort of memory manipulation rather than the strict and simple indoctrination that the main timeline used.
  • SOREN 066: a fairly large deviation with the middling success of spartan candidate Soren 066. the augmentation process in the main timeline was not effective for Soren. leaving him both severely deformed and in almost constant pain. he eventually attempted to escape the UNSC with an insurrectionist sympathizer and was presumed dead when the ship he was on crash-landed after being shot down.
  • Changes to Miranda Keyes: by the time of 2552 Miranda had achieved the rank of Commander in the UNSC and had not followed in her mother's footsteps of being a scientist.
  • Changes to Jacob Keyes: In April of 2552 Keyes had been given command of the UNSC Iroquois a Destroyer. "He foresaw a Covenant attack on Sigma Octanus IV thanks to an astrophysics journal by SPARTAN-084. His actions resulted in the destruction of a Covenant destroyer, two Covenant frigates, and the retreat of a Covenant carrier with a daring maneuver dubbed the "Keyes Loop", all without a ship AI to help him." And was promoted to the rank of Captain shortly after. He was not a ranking member of UNSC FLEETCOM as portrayed in the show.
  • AI Projection - AI requires a projection field to render in reality. this is not utilized in the show.
  • AI Housing - A smart AI requires a great deal of processing space to operate. Integration directly to a Neural Chip is not sufficient and required the Spartan Armor to house one
  • Insurrection - Had very little presence after the fall of the last Outer colony battle in 2535. Weaponry would have been scavenged UNSC hardware not "Modern weapons"
  • Covenant - motivations, and beliefs altered
  • Humanity - integration with forerunner tech altered. (Blessed ones)
  • General timeline changes:
  • * Using MK VI armor before its rollout to the spartan program just before the battle of earth.
  • * Using shield tech before its creation just before the fall of reach.
  • * Inconsistencies with the armor: (Battery power rather than self-sustaining micro fusion reactors)
  • * Use of a Condor before their creation in 2559 aboard the Spirit for Fire
  • * Use of miniaturized Slip-space drive that doesn't exist
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Second watch of episode 3:

* The Luminary: this was a Shipboard component of major religious significance to the Covenant. it was not a staff freely carried about.
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