Spray Paint - MOLOTOW brand? Enamel vs Acrylic for Foam?

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Hey team, almost finished my Halo CE Build. I'm looking for the right shade of Green. I'm in NZ so I don't have access to Kryolan, and Rustoleum is limited.

Luckily, the local Art Store has a tonne of spraypaint available in the MOLOTOW Range, which is specifically marketed towards Graffiti artists (Will have to ask if the nozzle is the same as hardware store spraypaint, but I digress) It's only a little bit more expensive than the hardware store stuff thankfully and comes in a MUCH wider range of colors.

Here's the closest color to Halo CE Master Chief (That I've seen at this stage): MOLOTOW PREMIUM SPRAY 400ML MENTHOL LIGHT 144

Has anyone had experience with the Molotow brand of paint?

Also, I'm working with Eva foam for my build. Heat sealed, then 3 coats of Mod Podge and one coat of Plastidip (As It's really expensive down here. Tried Rustoleum in the past but thought I'd try the OG).

Is it good idea to use Enamel Paint instead of Acrylic for Eva Foam?


I haven't painted my suit fully yet, but from testing what I have painted currently, polyurethane based paint seems pretty good for foam as it's fairly flexible, but it does crease if you bend it too much. You probably can get it mixed at a hardware store to the color you want. For the color code, you might be able to find a converter/chart/table for converting RGB values to color code you want, which should give you an idea of what you need. You could also print out a small, but big enough area of the colors you want and get them color matched.
The paint seems to work pretty well on just heat sealed foam, and if it's thick enough, the foam rips before the paint comes off. It is an enamel paint I believe, but there probably are different kinds of enamels, so you might have to try some out.


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I'm not sure about the Molotow paints, but I wouldn't recommend enamel paints. Maybe there are some kinds that could work, but with the enamel paints I've used, they take weeks to fully dry and can crack easily. Great thing about acrylics is that they have some flex to 'em.
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