Spray Painted Art


Not much of a big thread i just use ALOT of spray paint and airbrushing for different jobs.
here's a small compilation of various projects ive done in my painting field
NOTE: i do NOT paint on canvases..everything BUT that..lol

The first of these to show isnt my first, but the first in the timeline of paintarts ive done, it was my FIRST wall mural though, and i still miss it, to all the gamers that wanted to be an assassin :)


it was a custom black paint tone i had mixed for my wall, and chrome duplicolor paints with a low tone white gloss, also in the same colors (as i had saved the paint code for the black) i made this before reach came out.. so yes
this piece is for all the 405th guys and gals that are here for halo, heres to you



i wish i could get a forward angle for this but the room was small, so the only way i could get the whole thing in the camera was from the side
hope you like these tributes to the game gos and spartans alike


How did you do the background of the Noble logo? That looks really interesting.

its an etch design ive been doing on paper for over 11 years, i will try and get a paper version of it, this one inside the noble logo is patterned around a vine design thats usually how my patterns are, there is always a main structure first whether it be an outline of an object like a tree or an eye or like this one, vines. the pattern is then all single cell drawn, on this wall version it is with 3 sizes of chrome paint pens
if you can see around the right side and bottom areas of the AC logo that glyph design is bordering the sides of the A just on a lrger scale


Wow dude this is really cool! I'd love to have something like this on my wall!

im uber super super duper sad that i dont have them anymoreeeeeeee..i had to leave them behind and now they belong to ppl that are way lame..someone painted over the AC mural i'd made from what i heard from my last nightbors..such a shame :(


Yamaha FZR 600 Genisis

Bike Design:


To Finish

this project was done completely in spray paint before i was able to get my hands on a compressor and air gun, i think it came out great..
UNFORTUNATELY... the first day i had it out after completing my decal work someone hit me as i was stopped at a red light...totaled the whole bike :/
that's the first Decepticon i've lost, on the verge of losing a second but im still working to get it back on the road

here's the break down



my stenciling, the tank pic looks yellowed but its just the light with a crap camera phone.lol


this one shows the white in a more brilliant shade, which is how it turned out after i finished


if you dont recognize the glyphs on the bike theyre actually AlienWare letters, the bike says the same thing it did before i just stenciled out everything in a carbon fiber vinyl and had to use the letter generator on AW's website, and blow them up through photoshop
that decepticon logo actually doesnt ever appear in any series, though when i found it online it was stated to be a Gen3 logo..?? but never seen it in anything
very hard to find logo
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Wow, sweet painting/graphics skills! Fizzers are pretty awesome bikes, I like them a lot in their street fighter outfit :) What kind of spray gun did you get?


My First Rifle Painting

this was the first project i did after i used to paint freebords and decks for my friends, i wish i had pics of the ones i used to do but it was almost 10 years ago

this is my tourney rifle i used in Scenario games over the US when i played several years back,
it was my second gun and changed dramatically depending on the games we were entering into


along side my mask


the scaled mask, i believe its a profiler, its been years so i may be wrong


this was the last time i ever used the gun in game for an event, i think it was the quest for the holy grail up in houston at PB zone north/south cant remember which location

thanks much, keep up with my Custom Black Team Spartan ;) hoping to finish it up by Dcon
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