Props SRS99-S5 AM 3D Print Build


New Member
After finally catching up with the repairs and upgrades on my suit, it was time to turn towards building some props. Found a 3D print of the SRS99-S5 sniper rifle from Halo 5 on Thingiverse and been slowly printing it since the end of August. It's been a useful print for ironing out the settings for my 3D printer.

As of January 2023 I finally have all the pieces printed and have started putting it together. The thing honestly feels like its going to weight about the same amount as my entirely 3D printed Chief armor from Halo 4, which is like 70 pounds. Yikes. Stay tuned as I get it all put together, bondo/resin the seams then get to the best part of putting it together, the paint job!


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