Props SRS99D S2AM Sniper Rifle

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S1l3nt V1p3r

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So hey boys and girls out there, I'm sorry about the delay about the pictures of my Sniper rifle... But fear not! The time has come, and I would like to present to you the S2 AM Sniper Rifle! (Bullets not included)





(You can spot the SMG om the last picture. It's still a WIP, and is recieving a facelift ATM)
at last, someone makes SMG to the scale!!
because, if someone doesnt know, smg is Length (extended): 62.7 cm (24.68 in.)
(retracted): 47.4 cm (18.66 in.)
Length (barrel): 15 cm (5.9 in.)
(empty): 1.3 kg (2.86 lbs)
(loaded): 2.88 kg (6.36 lbs
ok, its straight copy from halopedia, propably best reference after you , guys
well, i gotta go now.....
papamurf812 said:
Damn, that's pretty sweet! How many hours of work did it take? I wanna get me one.
Thanks, Papa. ;)
I have been working on it from time to time, and has been an ongoing project since Oct. 05, I believe.
I'm uncertain about the ammount of hours it took, I'll say about 50 hours all together. (I only work in the weekends whenever my dad is home)

- Green Guitars - said:
holy cow man that is awsome! cant wait to see that smg if you can make one heck of a sniper rifle

Thank you, Green. ^^,
And I do have pictures of the SMG at an earlier stage, all pieces put together. Just look in my gallery. ;)
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that's looking great, man. Now to add the scope assembly and some paint, and it looks like it'll be finished :D

Keep up the good work!
Yea that looks pretty awesome. It's good seeing a weapon that isn't as popular as some others. I can't wait to see it finished.
Why no bullets included? :( :(


Awesome, that's all i have to say.

And I want one! Now I'm not going to buy it, maybe sculpting the individual parts out of clay will work for me (except for the barrel).

Once it's finished you should make a lil vid of and make a movement like your shooting and have that guy on the forums who can do it add muzzle flashes (idk what his name is).

It would be fun to see you stripping down the rifle and custominzing, k now I need a silencer lol.
Thank you everyone for your comments! And please do come back in a while for more updates (If I get some work done on the Sniper, that is).

halo freak101 said:
how 'bout a scope?

Yes, I do have a scope, but it's still currently under production. I'll keep you guys posted. ;)
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did you have to fillet those edges by sandpaper or did you use a router(i used a router worked out great!)?
Damien said:
did you have to fillet those edges by sandpaper or did you use a router(i used a router worked out great!)?

Well, I'm not sure what you mean when you say Router...
But anyway, I did "Fillet" those edges by hand with a Rasp, a File and some Sandpaper.
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Oh damn... As usual, I haven't done anything on the sniper rifle for a while, because my dad isn't home. (It's where I keep it.)
I have planned on visiting my father this weekend, and I'll try to mount the scope on the Sniper Rifle just to give you guys an idea of how the finished product will be. I'll try to keep you guys updated with pictures and progress.

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