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    Below is the list with currently active members. I included anyone who's been online within the last six months (everyone without a "last login" date has been active this month):

    RCO: SPARTAN II - Ottawa ON
    RXO: Artifice - Surrey BC
    RMO: BlazedStarbon - Sudbury ON

    SPARTAN II - Ottawa ON
    BlazedStarbon - Sudbury ON
    Ted - Toronto ON
    chrisy159 - Toronto ON
    SprayNoob - Toronto ON
    MikyVengeance - Mississauga ON
    anthony Thibault - St. Catherines ON
    m00sem4n - Markham ON
    Apothacary - Ottawa ON
    TheSilent0n3 - Toronto ON
    Cpl Shepard - Toronto ON
    owen12000 - Toronto ON
    ThatCanadianGuy - Shelburne ON
    PhoenixArmoury - Ottawa ON
    Kilt Of Doom - Ottawa ON
    Black Rabbit - Port Sydney ON
    misfitjh - Guelph ON
    animevortex - Toronto ON
    Thefabricator - Georgetown ON
    Jme - Toronto ON
    Mushroom - Toronto ON


    Xav_kitsune - Sherbroke QC
    GarzakAzur - Quebec City QC

    CLOTHAR - Saskatoon SK

    TheCaptainBacon - Edmonton AB
    Jedi Ranger - Banff AB
    FlyinPhil - Edmonton AB
    FANGS - Edmonton AB
    Skoopa92 - Calgary AB
    tahu653 - Calgary AB
    cryolopho - Sylvan Lake AB
    RomanW - Calgary AB


    colbs - Vancouver Island BC
    Liamthedevastator - Vancouver Island BC
    Tala - Victoria BC
    SqueekinOrka - Vancouver BC
    Noble 10 - Creston BC
    Artifice - Surrey BC
    PurpleRogue - Courtenay BC (Vancouver Island)
    ColdAdamantium - Langley BC
    PiercingThread7 - Victoria BC
    Corpsman - Nelson BC

    That's it for now, though based on my research we technically have close to 180 members here, it's just most of them have been inactive for at least a year or even longer.

    I'm hopeful we can increase the number of active members. Please PM me with your username and location (city, province) if you don't find yourself listed above. Thanks! :cool

    EDIT: After a little clarification with 405th staff, the above list has been edited to show only those who have asked to be put on the list, and therefore added to the regiment.
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