STAPLES saved my life!!!

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ok you guys know that when you pay 75 bucks for a game through the mail you had better get it in mint condition, Right?? Well aparently bungie did a wonderful job of designing a game(halo 3) but totally sucked in designing a case that could hold it(limited edition)--- how thats possible i dont know( i hope someone that works for bungie reads this!!!) so I went to wal-mart to return it and guess what, every copy that they had of limited edition(around 100 copies that they had to sent back) had a dislocated cd and it was scratched to you know where!!! i got my money back along with the game for free!! W00t!!! anyway the staples i have here repaired the disc to mint condition and then refered me to this product to elongate the life of my games!!!

Ok, ok, to the point... if you buy a game and dont want it ruined then go to staples or somewhere similar(not wal-mart-they dont carry them) and buy somethin called d-skins, cd covers that you can have on the cd while you play it!! they are kinda expensive but are well worth it!!!
D-skins are very nice been around for a while, unfortunatly they have the bad habit of comming off while your playing your disk and ruining your DVD player or game console, also if you play a game for several hours the laser and heat from the console can warp or melt the D-skin to the disk then your totally screwed.

the best way to keep your stuff good is to just take care of it, mind where you put the disks, always put them back into the cases when your done and dont just put them down. I have a son and I make sure all my DVD's and games are secured in there package when not in use and are put up where he cant get them and I have yet to have any problems.
Just a warning about D-skins and things like them: they tend to ruin the drive that is playing them eventually due to poor manufacturing and warping due to heat. They can also wreak havoc with the reader because it adds a thin layer of plastic that adds more height to the cd and can hit the reader. Not only that but because of the extra plastic that it has to read through, it uses more power which shortens the life of it. Or so I'm told.
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