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So, I picked up a kyberlight saber a couple years ago. I love it. High quality components, good electronics, and large amounts of customization. One thing I have wanted to do for a while is have an excuse to carry it to a con or something in costume. I have a cheap jedi outfit that I used for Halloween in the past, but its not cosplay quality - at least, not up to my standards (a funny notion considering I don't have a completed cosplay yet...). My plan is to do a Jedi Battle armor set based off of Obi-Wan Kenobi in the animated Clone Wars TV show. Oddly enough, the Jedi in the show have no consistency in what armor they wear. Generally, I have determined that there is forearm armor, shoulder pads, upper chest armor, and shins/boots. Different Jedi seem to wear different combinations of the above pieces, and even within these pieces, there seems to be some variation in shape. I chose Obi-Wan's armor because I think it looks cool.
Here are the general pics I am using for reference images:
obi reference 2.jpg obi reference.jpg
I haven't been able to get any static pics of the armor from the back, but from watching the show on DIsney+ I have been able to get glimpses and use them for reference.

I have decided that I am going to 100% generate the patterns I use for this project. This has forced me to learn 3D modeling with Blender and I have also begun learning how to use my wife's sewing machine. I am going to sew new cloth parts for the Jedi robes including pants, tunic, and (maybe) a robe.

I have so far, modeled the forearm, bicep, and shoulder pieces during down time at work. None were particularly easy, but none were particularly difficult either. It has been a fun process to learn. This is my current armorsmith pattern:
jedi armosmith2.jpg jedi armorsmith1.jpg As you can see, there are some discrepencies from the TV show - unfortunately, I do not have the same dimensions as a cartoon character.
The pieces are very simple and the unfolds are pretty straight forward too. I get the feeling that it would be like 3 days worth of work to make this whole outfit out of foam. The pieces are basically just rolled up tubes with pieces cut out.

Anyway, don't expect too much progress on this. I am not trying to work on this before I finish my ODST. I just have been doing some of the learning and prep work while stuck at work and unable to progress my ODST. I am going to keep this thread around for any progress I do make.
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