Star Wars republic commando pep files


I was thinking about asking this, I play RC all the time, some pep files would be nice, but very complicated


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Give me a model and I will try to work with it, I tried looking online, but wouldnt find a model of it, not even the helmet.


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I don't think there any. Plus there is some fantastic RC armor available, they are the folks that made my helmet that I am selling. PM me if you are looking for a set and I can point you in the right direction.


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I hope that someone can make these pdo files! I'm a big fan to Republic commando (Not more than Halo!!!)
I would be pleased if someone can make it!
I managed to find a helmet over at the 501st, im downloading it right now, and will upload a picture. The file was made by kerotan36.

EDIT: had to take it down, said no sharing with other sites, sorry. just google it.
kerotan 36 said:
Yeah thats my file I will hopefuly post the full suit once I am done I am working on it with someone else.
Gotcha, I saw it was like WTF 2 kerotan's? Good luck working on it!
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kerotan 36

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I have removed my link on and made my file privite on 4shared I am conducting an experiment so don't freak.


MAKE .pdf NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I soooooooo want republic commando pep!!! not super detailed, im still a beginner pep person.

kerotan 36

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I am working on some. Tell me how to make a .pdf and I will make one. I will replace any one's RC pep files from me with a more organized file just pm me. And also will everyone with the file tell me who they are for records of who downloaded the file. Thanks.

kerotan 36