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Let's begin this tale 4 years back. I had just started working. After the first assignment ended there was a gap in between were I had to get to the office and do some random small tasks. Was quite boring so to keep my 3D drawing skills i started tinkering around. Now i'm also a big fan of stargate. You can see where i'm going ;)

I started off with the most important part of the whole model. The building blocks they use to replicate themselves. I found a forum (sadly don't remember which one) where they had some nice details and measurements that seemed accurate.
Rep part.PNG

then came the hard part. I wanted to build the Replicator fly and spider (has only 4 legs? o_O) using only that one block. Finding some decent images was hard but i did manage to complete both of them. This was all done in solidworks. where you can connect faces, lines and points to each other. Just las night i picked those models back up and loaded them up in inventor. All the connection were gone. right now all parts are grounded in place.

Enough talking for now. Let me show you the Replicator spider:
Rep spider 1.PNG Rep spider 2.PNG Rep spider 3.PNG
It takes up roughly 600x600 mm square of space so its not small. it also uses 195 building blocks in total.

Now onto the fly. It had no real task. It showed up in only e few episodes but being smalle i also wanted to try and make that one. The core body is much denser than the spider one. This one takes up just 280x320 mm of space and has a block count of 115.

Rep Fly 1.PNG Rep Fly 2.PNG Rep Fly 3.PNG

I also made another one. not sure if it ever showed up in any of the episodes but i liked the look of it and its tiny in comparison to the other two. Was fairly easy to do. I just had to add a lot of working point to connect the bits. This one takes up 24 blocks in total. I dubbed it the Replicator Tic. I like to imagine that it's used to infiltrate through small openings and attack from inside that way.

Stargate-SG-1-Small-replicator-1 (1).jpg Rep Tic 1.PNG Rep Tic 2.PNG

Now i'm eager to build these but i would need a staggering amount of parts. 334 in total to build one of each. Printing is out of the question (expensive :oops:). So if someone can help me by casting these let me know.


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difficult audience XD
Don't let it discourage you! This is a really cool project and it's always awesome to see other interests on here! I don't know stargate really well, but it's cool getting to see some 'building block' style of design work! But again, keep it going! I'd love to see more! What modeling software do you use for your work?
Don't let it discourage you!
Thanks, i'm not getting discouraged. This was one of those things i justed wanted to do. I've always been a big fan of stargate. When i made these i had some time on my hands and just watched the whole series again.
What modeling software do you use for your work?
I started making this in Solidworks. That's when i made the spider and the fly. Now that i don't really have ready access to solidworks but Inventor instead i converted the files. Not much of a difference. Putting the blocks together (constraints) needed a switch in the thinking process. Next step is to design some connector blocks for the joints.
How have you all been doing? It's been a while but i have not been sitting still. In between work I chipped away at these models.

Replicator part.JPG
The old plan was to print this part out for each model and how many times it would be needed. I thought it would be cool to build up the "little" buggers just like in the series. After some thinking and trying to get it printed cheaper I decided to abandon that route.

Replicator Ticks.JPG
For instance this little guy, he's build up from 24 parts. Instead of that I converted the main body parts into solids (Thanks to a handy function in Inventor). The 6 legs are all the same just like the 2 wings. Only had to add in some odd connector parts.
Replicator Tick connecors.JPG

Replicator Fly.JPG
I did the same thing for the bigger buddy of the tick. Took a whole lot more work to connect all of this up. The legs are made up of faces touching each other.

Replicator Fly back leg.JPG Fly connections back.JPGFly magnets arm.JPG
Those are now phasing through each other. Giving it (hopefully) a solid connection. Where ever that wasn't possible I just slapped in a connection pin.

Replicator Fly connectors.JPG
This one features a few more connection parts. Some of which have fairly complex geometries (thanks for adaptive).

Replicator Tick and fly.JPG
These two are mostly done for now though. Next up is the big guy spider (with 4 legs XD )

Maybe I'll get these printed up at some point.


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    Fly connections front.JPG
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