Starship Troopers Costume Pdo Or Pdf Files?

I've searched and all I could find was: Nothing but pics on Google... And... Nothing but pics on here too.

I think it would be a cool costume to make, though the movie wasn't good (Still isn't stopping me from writing my novel about it).

Does anyone agree with me that it would be a cool costume to make?

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From what I've seen, the majority of the chest armor is made from a flexible rubber so pep would be a no go unless you molded it. The helmet could be done but I don't know any files that have been done.

However, there have been Starship Troopers games released and that means you could probably get a base model that wouldn't be too hard to turn into pep. I searched for 3ds models but came up dry...


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some one had posted their starship trooper on here a while back... try searching and you may find it.

but what they did was made a plywood mock up of the armor, molded and casted it and bent/formed it... if you see the pictures you will knwo what i speak of... it seemed to be the best method i have scene.

edit: Bingo there is the thread... id say go this route... and maybe you could scratch build the helmet, its not no complex so it should be to hard.
Thanks guys. And if your built a bondo armor thing correctly, it could be flexable enough to move around in. I mean, they don't have leg or arm armor, so it should be flexable enough on it's own correct? I mean, Spartan Armor is flexable to an extent, mostly because of the legs and arms, since they don't have it, should be flexable.

The reason I ask if there were any pep files (Which that helmet is one), was that I don't have a program to get the model, and I don't have the money to buy Pepakura for a set of armor you know?


The SST body armor and helmet are very cool. They are also pretty plentiful, Sony pictures had hundreds of the B and C grade suits available to sell for years after the films release. The armor, guns, and helmets were made in my friends shop by my friends Max, Bear, and Dragon for the first film.The body armor was made from EST Rubber cast in a vac formed styrene mold. The attaching plates were aluminum plates anodized in black.A ton of rivets are used for fastening. The Helmets were fiberglassed out of silicone molds with EST rubber cheek protector pieces.

Shot of me in screen used gear. All of the parts are out there if you check around on Ebay and other costuming communities. Kind of like reinventing the wheel or making a stormtrooper from scratch when it can all be bought easily.
Wow, that's an awesome suit, DrgnFyre4!

Sadly, I don't really have the cash to buy a suit off ebay. I was looking to see if there's a Pep file (Like the helmet) for it, it's not like it has to be rubber you know? It's just for short walk arounds and stuff.