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awesome pics bro...can you get pics of the pistol both of them and the shotgun :mrgreen:
Nice pics, and for those of you who don't know I might try making a Carbine. I don't really have enough cardboard to continue on my Spartan Armor at the moment, but I do have some ideas how I could make the Carbine.

First I was gonna look around for some cardboard, then Draw a 2D drawing of the Carbine onto the cardboard. Then I was gonna cut some of it out, trace it onto some wood, cut the pieces out of the wood, sand it, detail it, ect. Then get some more cardboard and make the pink/purple shell thingy around the gun with cardboard, and poster board over the top to give the cardboard a smooth look, then perhaps use fiberglass resin on the cardboard and poster board, then I don't know what I might do from there.

Oh, and if I ever do accually make a Carbine I was gonna add green LEDs to the ammo cartridge thing on the top of the gun, then rig one of those wicked lasers onto it, and maybe add sound effects somehow. I'm gonna try to get a Wicked Laser for my b-day which is about a month away. The Spartan Armor I think requires more cardboard so I was just gonna do this first, and if it works out right I might be able to make some more and sell them to my friends or something.
link4044 said:
i made one(plasma pistol)

Then could you please show off some pics. and refrences. Because I would like to make one and then take some footage to After Effects to make it shoot. :)
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heres a few pics of my plasma psitol with my old helmet. the plasma pistol is made out of cast resin with color changing paint green/purple/blue...i dont care to much for the color changing paint when its not in the light its a darker color

i want to redo them again





I actally have seen these links before, but anyways thanks. Time to pull up an ancient link- If you need ANYTHING, click here. Niiiiiiiiiice plasma pistol.
there EL strips but i might make some clear parts that well go in front and back lite them with LEDs so it will glow better
plus i didnt have time to add the red lites on the side
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