Starting from scratch?


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Due to the lack of responses on my previous post, I'm going to try something more relevant for all categories. Where do you start if there's no templates, 3d models, or even YouTube videos on the set you plan on making? There's so many ODST, mjolnir, and recon templates floating around online but what if you wanna make MK IV or centurion? Let's help with starting from scratch and making your own templates


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Take a read through my build. Aside from my helmet, my armor was made 100% freehand. Look at lots of reference photos, and scale them according to your body. Look at reference points on the pictures to get a size idea for how it should look on you. For example: if the shin piece appears to sit two inches lower than the knee and an inch higher than the ankle of a spartan, it will sit in the same orientation on you. There isn't much more to it than being good at judging sizes. I've seen pepakura armors that have been badly scaled, and I've seen scratch builds that have been badly scaled. It's just a matter of practice!
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