Starting my first Pepakura today

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Hey all,

Found this website yesterday and just joined today. I was really impressed with the work that has gone into your creations :shock: ! I decided that Pepakura would be the best place to start since this is all new to me. So, I have tons of time on my hands, and am not afraid of a challenge, so I decided to try the Master Chief helmet posted in the toutorial. I just have a couple questions before I begin.

I have printed out the copies on Card Stock and followed the the toutorial as best as I could. Currently I have all of the sheets sitting on front of me with a ruler(my way of folding thigs nicely) and scisors. I tried looking around the toutorial for answers to what the lines meant, but couldn't find it. So if anyone could either link a page or tell me that would be great! I am also wondering how you put all of the things together :$ops: .

Anyways, thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Solid lines are cuts, dotted lines are mountain folds (like this: ^) and dot/dashed lines are valley folds (like this: V).
Got my first peice done. I'm sticky-taking them to a basketball so I know where they go on the helmet once I'm done. Do you think I should just assemble them as I finish each one? Or should I continue with the B-ball technique?
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