Starting my first. :)

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Well, I'm almost done with college for the year and I plan on beginning my first pepakura armor soon. I'd like to finish it in under a month if possible, but I don't know how realistic that goal is. I have a few questions for the people who have done this before:

1.) What's the best way to make sure that the general blueprints I downloaded will fit me? Should I scale the models before printing them or should I fill in the interior until it fits me?

2.) I'm assuming fiberglass is the easiest way to reinforce the armor. How sturdy is it?

3.) How long does it take to make it if I can give it about 20 hours each week?

Thanks for any help in advance.
If you read some of the tutorials they tell you how to size your Pepakura armor. However, the easiest way is to measure your own own body parts and scale the pepakura models to an approximate match.
Fiberglass (or Fibreglass) is VERY sturdy and is used in most high-quality costumes.
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