Starting my own Halo series

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ok im starting a halo sries and this is were ill post progress on my first book. so heres it so far.

Halo N-1


They arrived late at night. I heard footsteps on the floor outside my room then the creaking of my door. It was the dead of winter. My room was cold but the unknown presence made it all the more colder. I covered myself beneath the thick blankets. Then without warning a large hand came down under the covers with me. It felt my hand and curled around.
I was pulled up to my feet. The men in my room were dressed in full black suits. At only seven years old i couldn't possibly understand what was happening. A kid looking just like me walked in and lied down in my bed. I fought at the strong hands grip on mine. Then a syringe rose up in the other mans hand. It was filled with a clear liquid. He forced it into my restrained arm. My vision blanked and I could no longer feel a thing.
When i awoke i was in a hospital bed aboard a strange aircraft. It smelled of blood and steel. A strange doctor leaned in over me. He smiled.
“Why hello young one! I'm glad to see your awake. Your a year late though.” he said calmly.
I tried to mouth a scream but I couldn't. My body was lifeless. I tried to raise my arm but was rewarded with a stinging feeling. The craft we were in pitched and rolled.
I could move my eyes. My eyes darted around and i could see everyone clearly. Then all of a sudden i was out again.
I awoke again in a hospital bed but this time not aboard an aircraft. It was a small room. I still couldn't move though. I looked around and the same doctor arrived once again. He spoke strangely.
“Well hello young spartan, your younger than the rest but don't worry, you'll do fine. Soon you will know why your here. You have no parents and your names no longer relevant. Your to be referred to from now on as Spartan zee four four. You ill be stronger than ever soon but for now on rest up.” I was immediately asleep.
I woke once again in a different bed. My head split with pain. My vision was narrow. I rolled to my left and swung my feet down to the floor. It was icy cold. It was smooth steel. Coated in a thin layer of dried blood. I rose my hands in front of me. They were bandaged. Further inspection showed my whole body was.
The door creaked slowly inward. A slender man appeared. He spoke softly.
“Hello Spartan” he bowed slightly to me. “you probably ache all over young one. I have to say you'll need the improvements we gave you later.”
“What improvements!” I snapped back
“Heightened senses, neural implants, Composite alloy skeletal structure, ectra.... You know the basics” he replied.

Chapter 1

“Were coming in hot!” yelled the pilot over the COM channel. The hull of the pelican squeaked and groaned. The fast approaching Gancor came into view through the cockpits windscreen. Z-44 Stood straight in his MJOLNIR armor. His armor was far different then that of the rest of the SPARTANS in the drop ship though. His was special for weather extremes and his shields were far superior. Even the other SPARTANS were intimidated by his demanding stance and bulkiness.
A single blob of plasma suddenly filled the windscreen. It hit the pelican head on taring throughout the small craft. The ship dropped thirty meters in a spin before exploding into flame. Z-44's shields flared then faded and finally failed. Flames licked at his armor as he fell like a brick. He opened his eyes and only saw the ground. He turned to look up and above him falling at the same speed was the remains of the pelican.
Z-44's vision narrowed then blacked as he saw one other SPARTAN had made it free of the hellish fireball. He recognized the SPARTAN. I was a SPARTAN he had trained with. It was the the team sniper, K-22. Z-44's vision regained as he neared the planet. K-22's vitals showed him as alive but he was far from conscious. The wind howled in Z-44s helmet speakers. Z-44 was directly below the pelican as they fell. He needed to move out of that position.
He tried to move his arms but they would not respond. He couldn't move at all. He hit the snow with a loud thud. He was shortly followed by the fireball pelican and K-22.
There was a loud beeping in Z-44's speakers but he was unaware. He slowly regained consciousness over the next hour or two. All that he could see was snow around him. Z-44 pulled up his neural interface with the armors diagnostics.
He scrolled down to alarms and shut them off. He was amazed at the silence that befell him. Then out of nowhere came the thunderclap of a sniper rifle. K-22 was the only SPARTAN still showing vitals. Z-44 pinged his acknowledgment light on and off three times then opened up a private COM.
“K-22 this is SPARTAN Z-44, your team leader, requesting rescue.” Z-44 said through his speakers.
“Sorry sir but I'm pinned down by Covenant.... Where the hell are you!!” K-22 replied.
“I'm under the god damned ship soldier... Now get your ass down here and dig me out... Thats an order!!” yelled Z-44.
K-22's acknowledgment light winked once then Z-44 heard shuffling above him. An idea flooded Z-44's head. He brought up his neural interface once again and activated his shields. The snow around him began to melt and steam. Z-44 rose to his feet in the pocket of air and water he had just created then he shut down his shields.
K-22 continued to dig with the piece of metal he had peeled of the pelicans hull. Then he hit something. It was SPARTAN G-76's body. Her burnt body was limp and cold. K-22 reached around the back of her head and pulled out her data chip then he yanked her up onto the snow. He rolled he over and activated her suits fail safe. Then jumped back down the hole. He looked up and saw a flash of light as G-76 no longer existed.
“What the hell was that!” demanded Z-44
“It was Beth sir.” K-22 solemnly said
Z-44 said no more but he didn't need to. Beth had been the best gunner you could of known. She was with a LAG like K-22 was with a sniper. Z-44 hadn't really know K-22 though.
Z-44 looked up as K-22 crashed into the pocket with him.
“Hello sir i am Sam Also known as K-22” said Sam.
“Why hello solider my name is Durlaburban But call me Durl” replied Durl.
Durl knew there was no time to waist so he maneuvered his bulky MJOLNIR armor up the small shaft that Sam had dug. Sam followed close behind. Durl got to the top and paused. He searched the snow close by for a weapon but the only thing around was Sam's
Sniper rifle and a small piece of metal. He twisted around and scurried into the wreckage of the pelican. It was total carnage. Twisted corpses lay strewn about.
Durl scrolled through his mission roster and marked each one as M.I.A. He knew known of them would officially be allowed to die. He searched deeper into the wreckage and am upon fireproof lockers. He opened the first and removed a MA5C Assault Rifle. Then he grabbed clips of Ammo and 2 rolls of tape. He proceeded to tape the Ammo on his MJOLNIR armor wherever possible. He then made his was out of the wreckage flipping the fails safes on all of the SPARTANS inside.
Sam turned around to see Durl stroll out of the smoldering wreckage and walk toward him.
“I set there fail safes to tamper mode. Hopefully the Covenant will take them back to their HQ before attempting to disassemble them.” Durl said. Sam laughed under his breath.
“So since your team leader where to next?” Asked Sam.
Durl shuffled in his armor and said, “Well Sam we still have a mission and since we have no way off this frozen planet I think we should finish it.” Durl was in a whole world of pain though. His skin had been burned under his armor. Every movement sent pain shooting through his body
no he couldnt move because he was just boiled by plasma. his armor was in a saftey release mode upon entering the atmostsphere. so it unlocked when it got hit.

no K-22 there will be no making stories with my name. you have 3 choices

1. make a book about our trainging together.
2. have me change K-22 to S-57
3. start your own series about another universe? like marathon (halo k-1)

your choice

oh and yes 1 or two special grunts will have sheilds in this series

update i added more up top.
Durlaburban said:
oh and yes 1 or two special grunts will have sheilds in this series

:not worthy: :not worthy: :not worthy: :not worthy: :not worthy: :not worthy: :not worthy: :not worthy: :not worthy:
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i wouldnt like to do the training...but how about taking out the covenant ship by ship?

S-57 sounds dumb, and not another universe...
At only seven years old i couldn't possibly understand what was happening.

i thought master chief was 6 when he was stolen into the army just making shure cause on the last level the only grunt is like boo hoo for you stolen at the age of 6 and other stuff i also read he was 6 years old

sorry didnt realise it was some one else sorry...
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