Starting my Samus Aran Project...

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honest insanity

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So i got ahold of all the silicon/clay/release agent that i need to start making a Samus suit. Wish me luck guys!
Im anticipating it being fully done maybe around december? ill get some mold pics as soon as i can.
...that just means finding that freakin cam.
If anyone has any "more" reference pics that would be great. The armor isnt as detailed as MC so im not seeing too many issues besides the shoulders and Helm. which i plan to just have connected, the shoulders are just so ridiculously HUGE. i may get them vacuuformed.
any other ideas?
You know you're not a video game geek when someone posts about Samus Aran, and the first thing you think is... "I wonder if he's doing old school, or newer stuff from the Coalition book".

As an aside, I've always thought the Smiling Jack was cool.

((For those who don't get the joke... wikipedia can help.))

Are you looking to go straight Samus Aran, or Dark Samus? I must say... evil talways has the nicer outfits, and color schemes.
haha yah XD i think if i get it finished and go to a convention some guys will be like
"dude i bet that chick is so hott!"
hahaha XD!!!
Lower legs :p
I bought some cold cathode lights(green) that surge like lightning for the legs :)
2 blue lights are going to go in the barrel along with 2 red along with drilled on/off switches
for the effect of the ice beam or muzzle flash from a missle. :)
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