Stary night.

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ok. everyone watch it again. turn up the volume and listen closely. i heard some things i havent before. right after the kids talk and the 1st explosions happen.
I could understand what they said :p. Why do people say "that boy is Master Chief" The kid has brown/black hair, Master Chief (Spartan-117) has red..
WanderingRon1n said:
no. he has brown hair brown eyes and freckles. and im sure everyone will agree with me. *cough* leonaidis *cough*

Did you just come up with that....cause its been obvious since the start. That's why he never took off his helmet ;-)
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You didn't get my joke lol.

What I was trying to that he is Leonidas from the movie 300 and it's so obvious, that he figured he'd let you guys figure it out by not removing his helmet to show how "powerful he is"
Lol nice. I would love to see him at the end of halo 3 take off the helmet. Show you that recognizable face and hear him say: THIS IS SPARTAAAA!!!!

Would be awesome!

Umm. horray for something old and something new...

'Chief, you know the game's done at this point right? ... Leave me... I have to find new stuff!"
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