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|| Stoph's Stuff ||

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by stoph, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. stoph

    stoph New Member

    hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster (oh no, not another one..)

    really impressed with the caliber of work and the sheer talent a lot of you possess, its definitely a humbling thing just to see some of the jaw-dislocating output on this forum.

    thought i'd dive in the deep end and try my hand at pepakur'ing my first ever paper model, cutting my teeth on Dannifood4less's MKVI helm (thanks for the brilliant model, mate!)

    this achieved, as you can see, a pretty average result, but i wasnt under any delusion that i'd create a perfectly formed master(chief)piece first time (or second, or third..) what was important to me was to see how the whole system worked; how easy/hard it would be to produce a good result, as well as discovering the in's and out's of scaling and time/effort required. i know now that there are certain parts that require a keener attention to detail, and some areas are all but impossible to line up properly if youre not paying attention. now i know the problem areas, and what to do/not to do next time i attempt this, which will be very soon.

    please ignore the multi-coloured cardstock.. as embarrassing (and noobish) as it is, i used it cause A) it was all i had on hand, and B) i was too impatient to go to the store and get some good stuff, i just had to print and cut and paste! im sure you all have been there before...

    without much further waffling on..


    thanks for stopping by. feel free to check back with me now and then, i have big plans for this...
  2. Macattack64


    It looks very fruity and colorful... ;)... Nicely done.
  3. hillhopper

    hillhopper Jr Member

    looks real good .
  4. stoph

    stoph New Member

    thanks heaps guys, appreciate you stopping by.

    okayy heres an update (finally)


    took on Flying Squirl's HD MKVI helm this time. printed on 220GSM cartridge paper (i've developed a preference for stiffer, stronger cardstock). one craft knife, 2 hot glue guns (first one blew up from over-use..) and a lot of time and patience later, i have for myself a good little base to work on :)

    purposefully made it a little bigger than the last helm to give space for padding and electric gadgets i plan to install a little further down the track. next step is to resin the thing. i have about a half box of Super Sculpey left over from some previous sculptures (not related to MC or 405th) and was thinking about how well it would do in lieu of bondo... will make a test pep and slow cook it, see how well it holds its shape during baking, and whether its a viable option for detail work and smoothing. i like the idea of sculpting the details, as opposed to chipping away at an otherwise unsightly block of bog.
  5. Hackmandude12

    Hackmandude12 Jr Member

    Its looking really good. Are you going to add supports for when you resin it?
  6. RadioactiveMicrobe

    RadioactiveMicrobe Well-Known Member

    That's looking spiffy! Just make sure you put in the support struts, eitherwise if you resin it and come back later to see, it won't look as spiffy. ;)
  7. stoph

    stoph New Member

    wasnt sure if they were necessarily needed, but now i will definitely use them when resining. thanks guys
  8. FinnishSpartan

    FinnishSpartan Well-Known Member

    Looks great, very neat folds, but i wouldnt use the word "complete" you still have a long journey ahead of you, you only got past phase one ;)


    TH3 FETT MAN Well-Known Member

    looks good,nice job
  10. stoph

    stoph New Member

    thanks guys. yeah sorry i meant to edit the title to read "HD MKVI Helm pep COMPLETE," but forgot :p

    bought all the doings for 'glassing today, if i get a moment tomorrow afternoon i'll start the process, but either way this is gonna be a busy week for me (21st coming up sunday :D)
  11. stoph

    stoph New Member

    finally had some nice weather and a day off to fiberglass the helmet. i glued in the support struts, cut my matt up into tiny strips, prepped my work area, donned my safety equipment and started applying the resin-covered strips, as per the video tutorials found on this site. i got about 80% done and then... the entire thing deflated like a soggy balloon before my eyes. disaster. so dejected. beyond saving. that represented 2 weeks of evenings - cutting and folding and gluing as precisely and neatly as i could, and a long anticipated wait for the time when i could move closer to finishing it. all for nothing, save the experience of knowing what to do and not what to do next time (if ever there's a next time).


    well, this is another project i've been working on in the interim. not exactly halo-related, but i wanted this thread to be a more general one than focussed just on halo (even though this is a halo-themed forum). it is Hellboy's Samaritan pistol, 1:1 scale. i couldve bought a ready-made model, but it would never clear customs, and lets face it, im not made of money! so far i've used mainly balsa wood and cardboard tubing, as well as film canisters and builders bog. pretty happy with the results so far, especially since its from scratch and im guessing the dimensions and measurements. its pretty accurate (from what im able to discern). next is to do the hinge and trigger, as well as grip and hammer. still very much a work in progress, very rough at this stage, but it will (hopefully) turn out alright in the end.

  12. kensai111

    kensai111 Well-Known Member

    Oy sorry to hear man, I can tell you where you went wrong though to save you from a repeat mistake. Turn the helmet upside down, and start at the base (now the top of the helmet) and work your way up in sections, letting the base of the helmet fully dry and then start the next section, repeat. If you try to do it all at once, it will sag, fall and tear on it's way down. Also, impossible for me to tell at this point, might want to use a little less resin and more hardener in your batch. It happens to the best of us, I failed 3 helmets before I worked out that formula. New project is looking great. I think you just earned a new respect for people with full pepakura based suits lol ;)

  13. stoph

    stoph New Member

    ah see, i did start at the base (top of helmet) but i didnt do it in sections. as i was begrudgingly throwing the mess in the bin, i noted it was quite heavy and that it was little wonder that it collapsed in on itself. so next time - less resin, more catalyst, and take my time :) thanks for the tips mate, i really do appreciate it!
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  14. rowan

    rowan Well-Known Member

    WOOT! hellboy pistol! i loved those movies. its looking great.
  15. S1l3nt V1p3r

    S1l3nt V1p3r Well-Known Member

    Did you coat your helmet with resin before you began fiberglassing?
    Resin helps keep your helmet rigid enough to sustain the fiberglassing stage.

    Stage one: One coat of Resin.
    Stage two: Second coat of resin.
    Third stage: One layer of fiberglass AND Resin on the inside.

    I believe you just skipped to stage three. :rolleyes
  16. kensai111

    kensai111 Well-Known Member

    Combine this with my suggestion and you'll be in business. Thanks SV. Getting tired, forgot that step ^^.

    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  17. S1l3nt V1p3r

    S1l3nt V1p3r Well-Known Member

    Hey, there's more to me than just woodwork. ;)
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 25, 2017
  18. stoph

    stoph New Member

    gah im kicking myself for not having done steps 1 and 2, i was intending to do so, but i assumed that it was okay to do it like this after watching crackhead09's tut vid. i guess i assumed that he had skipped straight to the matt w/ resin, but he must've done a few resin coats beforehand. oh well. thanks again everybody!
  19. LastSpartan

    LastSpartan Sr Member

    Yeah Crackhead did it differently. The resin layer outside seal your tabs. When you do it with mat before resining, if you put too much pressure, the glue on the tabs can snap off.

    Live and learn, my first fiberglass job was pretty bad as well.

    Nice pistol :p

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