Strenghten Paper/ Tint Visor

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Howdy guys, new to this forum. To preface, ive built a pretty shoddy predator costume utilizing fiberglassing/resin etc. I've read through all the stickies, but if i missed my answers don't kill me.

Anyway, I had a few question pertaining to my pepakura prints and the visor for the MC Helm:

I printed my pepakuras on regular paper, i was wondering if i could spray them with spray adhesive or brush them with resin to make them hard enough to add more layers. I understand that they may warp, but I was wondering if it CAN be done..

Also, I am intruiged by the CD carrousel cover method for a visor. I was wondering if there is a type of mirror tint spraypaint or film i can apply to it to make it have that classic MC golden glare, or just a mirrorish tint. Thanks for the help!
i built my helmet with normal 20lb a4 paper and it was obvious that it was gona turn into a pulp when i put resin on it.
use cardstock, start over if you haven't made all the parts. thats what im doing.
im using 65lb cardstock, a4 size

i seriously hope you didn't build your whole costume out of 20lb.
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