Stretchy Head Popping!

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Sean Bradley

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Looks like I actually managed to capture a Halo 3 glitch on video...

I was playing a territories game in BTB training, and captured the strangest glitch... I have never seen anything like it in the H3 Beta. Maybe you have.

I appologise for the quality of this vid, I don't have a capture device. I have the game video saved in the beta for anyone who needs to see it better

About 1 minute into the second round of the game I cornered an opponent in the tube entrance of High Ground. In the resulting incursion I melee attacked him and apparently smacked him into a wall. That isn't necessarily uncommon, I know... but when he got stuck in the wall, hs head seemed to want to seperate from his body. It started pulling up, away from the shoulders, and shaking violently over and over.

Check out the video:

Wierd stuff huh?

That's happened to me a couple of time. It's really disheartening to have your head stuck through a grate...then hang there.

Weirdest glitch so far I've encountered is completely dropping all my weapons and grenades like I died...but not dying. I kept running weapons. Couldn't pick any up either.
It happened again last night to me. My head and one arm popped through the ceiling of one of the bases on Snowbound.... My hand was shaking violently back and forth like I was waving 'hello' to the guys on top of the other base. :rofl:
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