Stupid queston


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Iam making something in perakura and it way to big to fit on one peice of paper and i dont now what to do. heres a picture of it.


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one of configurations is to show th multiple page guide lines... i think...oh well, because when you print it out you have to cut it along these lines and glue them together to make one big flat object. and when you cut them out remember to leave a little flap on on of the sides so you can glue it... do not fold these lines.

and i believe its the sword


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hey if you could let me know when you finish it, i want to know because i have the same model and i would like to see the finished product.



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If it is the right scale, but too big to fit onto one page do this:

Right click piece, "join/disjoin faces" It can join and separate pieces