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So starting this thread is actually a little overdue as i had actually started during the holiday season BUT none the less its time to get started. I wanted to be able to get some feedback on my work and also be able to discuss how I went about my process as I am always happy to talk about building props and cosplays!

This build has been on my list for quite a long time really. Ever since the live action trailer for Halo 3 ODST dropped I told myself that i was going to build a full suit some day. I did try my hand at a pepakura build all that time ago but young me lacked the patience and skills to build it the way that i wanted to build it. It was a great start to my journey into building armor, needless to say i was a broke college student and stopped building for quite some time. Many years later I got the bug again to get back into costuming and building props which is how I ended up joining the 501st as a Stormtrooper and the floodgates where open again.

After spending a long time working with foam and improving my skills along with making a final decision on what I was going to build i decided now is the time to make the dream come true!


I decided to go for a custom ODST build but I really liked the load out of Rookie (mostly his hard case backpack). I wanted to do most all of it in foam with exception to a few bits here and there that I can't do. I also wanted it to be as comfortable as I could have it.

I started off with sizing everything in armor smith and making sure i had that dialed in as best as I could.

Once i had it sized it was time for me to start from the feet up. This is where i realized something about sizing in the application, some of the pieces i had to make a bit bigger so it fit on the model, however in reality since the foam is soft and can be shaped rather easily it did not need to be as big as i had sized it. My first set of boot covers where WAAAAAAYYYY too big. The second set though was just right.
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After making the boot covers I decided that I was going to shift gears a little and work on the torso. I felt like if i got the sizing on that correct then it would be easier to get the sizing done correctly for the rest of the build. I started with the paper mock up to make sure that I had the sizing right this time and once again it was just a little too big.

Luckily once i got this sized up the other parts that where attached to it where pretty easy to get the right size. I brought it back to the original size and cut the foam and started on the base of the torso. I decided that in order to get the torso on and off that i was going to do a magnetic closure on the side that would be covered by one of the side panels and Velcro.

So I stated to build out the rest of the components for the torso so that I could get the scale correct for it. Ended up mixing up some of the patterns and had to redo the center box detail but was super satisfied with the overall result.

Looked at a bunch of reference photos and other folks work on making the chest plate before i dove in. Initially it looked pretty good, but ended up having to add some material to the wings for it to have the proper ratio to the in game reference. Not to bad though. After smoothing everything out it was looking pretty good so I started to glue things to the chest base.
More progress on the main torso. I had to move things around a little bit with the pieces on the chest. I also added the side panels and used a combination of magnets and Velcro to make a two part closure. The magnets help line up the side panel and then the Velcro holds it in place.

I also started to add some more of the details to the main torso and added the collar to the rig. Really helped it look more finished.

I also went back and after looking at some of the references from the game i decided that the channel for the webbing on the shoulder straps was too deep so i added another section of 5 mm foam to it and a quick first layer of sealant so that any of the deep seam groves got a little extra attention. i will be adding more of the base coat of quik seal later but this was to get some of the bulk. Also got the back plate mostly finished. the side plates put together and the cod piece taken care of minus the strapping that will be required. Currently in the process of putting the shoulder sections together
To go along with the build I decided i was going to start with the Magnum and the iconic SMG. I printed off the halo 5 Magnum model mostly because I preferred the design over the files i had found of the silenced magnum and thought maybe i would do a rendition of the whispered truth or mod the gun with the silencer attachment but there is always room for more guns later. I will have to post pics of what I have for the SMG but because i know myself well enough I know it has to be rugged so I am gutting and reinforcing it with aluminum tubing that conveniently was the same diameter as the barrel on the model. Not finished sanding the magnum but its looking decent for now.

I also printed off caps and bottoms for some side canisters if i decide to add those as well.
So spent yesterday putting together the shoulders. Tried sizing them a couple times with paper and thought I was set. Set the model to 130% thinking I might try and size it up too much and look like a cartoon character but alas I should have gone with my gut.

Not the worst setback but a sad moment.

Retry at 140%
Alright even if you started this during the holidays this is insane progress for how clean this work is. Keep it up!!

Thank you! I've been trying to average a piece a day! (Trying is the key word) Was pushing to try and finish it by ECCC(emerald City comic Con) but I know it's not going to happen but I am going to keep riding this wave for now!
Took a few photos of the smg this morning. I would love to do something like a foam build for it but I've also been using it as a good excuse to play around more with my printer.( I can always make more later). Anyways with the model split at the silencer and knowing that I'm not the most gentle of people when it comes to props I dremmeled out the barrel and into the silencer to insert an aluminum rod that was the same diameter of the barrel on the model. I also planning on removing the stock tube and doing the same thing. But it will also give me a chance to extend the stock out a little bit since the smg does feel a little small in my hands.
:) ODSTs always look so cool... I kinda want to do one now... but wait I'm in... the... middle of a... spartan. I need... to finish that... first.

I hear yah. Originally I was thinking of building a halo 5 buck since it's kinda like building a Spartan and an ODST at the same time. Buuuut I decided to build a classic ODST first. Best of luck finishing your project! Finishing is the hardest part lol
Alright time for an update. Not AS much progress due to a crazy schedule and backtracking but VERY pleased with how things are shaping up.

After some digging on the forums i found the .STL for the buckles and they came out PERFECT size!
Printed them at like 80% infill to make sure they can take any of the stress.

Also resized the shoulders to 140% of the pep files found in the armory and we have a winner.
Base of the pieces are done now I am going back to add some of the raised details and then connect them so they are one piece and not 3 separate pieces.
Sub why couldn’t you be colonial. Like man!!! I could sit and pick at your build in person and look at how you did some stuff. Just a solid build.

Thank you so much! i really appreciate it! If there are any parts that you would like more detail shots on or a breakdown of the process just let me know i am happy to go into detail on anything folks have questions on!
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