Suit up & Introduce yourself!


405th Regiment Officer
Hello fellow 405th European members,

our Regiment is growing stronger and we want to connect our Members,
so please introduce yourself and show off your Armor:

Name: (Put what your preferred name is here)
Location: (Give a general geographic Region / Country / City)
Age: (How old are you?)

Social Media: (Do you have a FB Artist Page, Instagram or anything else?)
Cons: (What cons are we likely to see you at?)
Cosplays: (When did you start Cosplaying. What HALO Costume did you create?
Share some of your work, completed or in-progress.)
Skills: (Do you have a special skill?)

Picture: (Post pictures of your HALO Costumes. Please try to use thumbnails.)
Feel free to add any information you think, would be usefull.


Also check out the 405th European Regiments Social Media.
We got a Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter.

You can join the Facebook Group aswell:
405th European Regiment - Halo Costumes and Props Group

If you have any Questions or Issues to adress, feel free to contact nintendstroid , 247District
or TheCostumeGeek for further information.
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Hi everyone,

Let me kick of this rebooted post.
Founder of the official European regiment in early 2015 because the lack of a really organised group back then.

Name: Jeffrey
Location: The netherlands, in the province of brabant
Age: build in 1989

Social Media: Dutch Props
Cons: Dutch, belgian and german cons
Cosplays: Chief, Retired, odst, Reach spartan, forward unto dawn marine,

Skills: 3d Modeling and printing, sculpting, molding and casting.

20157426_1436972953035863_7307721956970964721_o.jpg IMG_0041.JPG Sequence 02.mp4.00_00_07_24.Still001.jpg
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Hi everyone,
I probably get started as well.

Name: Elena
Location: Cologne, Germany
Age: born in 1993

Social Media: TheCostume Geeks on Facebook & Instagram
Cons: My main Cons are RPC, CCG, EpicCon, gamescom and some more.
Cosplays: I made an ODST and also Cosplay as Dr. Halsey.
Currently working on Kellys HALO 5 Armor.

Skills: My special skill are Latex Masks.
Others: I mostly talk to Conventions about getting 405th booths at events
and also act as the Regiment XO.

10469539_1133956863322233_4829171624422813730_o.jpg 36350555_1314333912030009_6515135843781312512_n.jpg
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Name: Tobias
Location: Bretten, Germany
Age: born in April 1992

Social Media: Fireteam Equus
Cons: RPC, Gamescom, CCG Stuttgart, Epiccon and sometimes even FACTS and Dutch Comic Con
Cosplays: Custom Halo Reach Spartan III, Halo 3 Marine Pilot

Skills: Foamwork, 3D CAD/print, simple Arduino stuff and making stuff on a tight budget

fdsf.jpg 045 klein.jpg
Name: Lukas
Location: Germany, soon Cologne
Age: 22
Social Media: District Creations on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
Cons: Anything in Germany, but main ones are RPC andComic Con Germany
Cosplays: I made a Reach Spartan and Fred 104 from Halo 5
Skills: I monstly work with foam and have a lot of experience with it.

received_284396495311841.jpg 1442_web_RPC2018_Sontag_eosAndy_.jpg
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Name: Lara
SPARTAN-tag: G294
Location: Aachen Germany
Age: 24

Instagram: ivyyycosplay
Facebook: Ivyyy Cosplay
Cons: Whereever the regiment calls me :D

Cosplay: My first armor cosplay ever, was an ODST

My current armor, is an Halo Reach Spartan III

Skills: They call me a foam goddess, and im never ever satisfied :D Besides im experienced in converting
3D Models into Pepakura-Files usable for foam.
Name: Chris, Everybody calls me GreY
Location: Nürnberg, Germany
Age: 36

Social Media:
Facebook: DeadPool Crossover Cosplay
Instagram: Wade Wilson (@deadpoolxodst) • Instagram photos and videos

Cons: RPC, Gamescom (Fanfest), CCG Stuttgart, Epiccon, Franco Bamberg,
Cosplays: Custom Halo ODST armor Sometimes mixed up with Deadpool, Tweaked Halo ODST Dress Blues (We Are ODST) (added my US Army Touch), Custom Halo ODST Summer Garrison Khaki uniform

Skills: Foam work, Metal/Plastic work, Elektronics, Military Uniforms, Military Equipment, Mechanic by trade.

The helmet has a fully integrated and fully funktional digital PMR Radio, 90mm fan/Cooling system and RGB LEDs all running on Lipos/USB powerbanks

Pictures: 20180209_144256.jpg _MG_5327_preview.jpeg DSC_4741.jpg ODST Dress blues.png 18740504_1904807536461996_3342023284952574708_n.jpg
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Hi there Guys,

Name: Sven
Location: Wolfsburg, Germany

Social Media: ,
Cons: RPC,Leipzig Bookfair,NiCon,CCG,
Cosplays: Halo 4 Gen2 Spartan(discontinued),Halo 2 Anniversary "Orbital Operations" Spartan, Halo5 Linda058
Next Halo-related project will be Custom Reach Spartan III

Skills: Foamwork(I usally do alot of freehanding on my suits) and electronics such as LEDs, SoundFX. I also do sewing, which isnt my favorivte though ^^'


Halo 4 Gen2 Spartan(discontinued)
Halo 2 Anniversary "Orbital Operations" Spartan
Halo5 Linda058






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Name: Roman
Location: Germany, Baden-Württemberg
Age: born in 1996
Social Media: on Facebook and Instagram it's Fireteam Equus, on Instagram I have a
private Account Roman Elischer where I post general crafting stuff (also non-Halo related)
Cons: Cons in southern / middle Germany in general, RPC,
Comic Con Germany Stuttgart, Connichi, DreieichCon etc.
Cosplays: Halo: Reach custom Spartan, Halo 3 Marine

I started Cosplaying in 2014, the first halo Armor I made in 2015,
my Halo Reach Spartan is constantly evolving over time,
I started out with a light grey / orange color scheme and an
armor made from cheap floormats and barely held together by hotglue:

After Gamescom 2015 I decided to change the color scheme to
oliv green and replaced some broken armor parts:

The suit stayed in this condition until end of 2017 where I wore it
a last time for a christmas themed convention in the bad shape it was in:

after that I replaced the Torso, the Shin armor, the thigh pieces
and the shoulder attachments and gave it a fresh coat of paint,
this time in rhino grey

in early 2018 I decided to finally swap out the Halo 4 Scout helmet
for the more accurate Halo Reach Commando Helmet,
I still need to have a picture taken of the suit with the new helmet...

This is a photo of my Halo 3 Marine that I built
for Comic Con Germany Stuttgart 2018:
IMG_1348.JPG IMG_1357.JPG

Skills: I work mainly with EVA foam, but also have some
experience in 3D-printing and finishing. I work as a media designer
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Name: Dominik
Location: Andernach near Koblenz, Germany
Age: 28 (1989)

Social Media: i am one of the admins from 405th Infantry Division - Germany on facebook
normal instagram acc: nightling1337
Cons: gamescom every year
Cosplays: i started my master chief mark VI in 2011 and finished the second one 2012

this photos are from the halo 4 launch event in 2012



2012-11-05_Halo4_Premiere_Frankfurt 217.JPG
Name: Domenic
Location: Mönchengladbach Germany
Age: 19
Social Media: I always forget to post something so don't mind me there
Cons: RPC, Epicon and Gamescom but I'm planning to visit more
Cosplay: Reach ODST variant (Halo 3 ODST still in progress)

Skills: I just worked with foam so far and try to do it as best as I can but are never satisfied myself

Name: Jerry (and my girlfriend Pinky)
Location: Germany, Berlin
Age: produced in 1990 (and 1991)

Social Media: We have Facebook: Jerry&Pinky Cosplay and in Instagram: Jokerjerry
Cons: actually no cons, because i don't have time to go :(
Cosplays: I started cosplay in 2013, but did just a few cosplays. My HALO armour is a blue Hayabusa (Halo 3-Version). My GF did Kat (Halo Reach).

The best part of starting a Halo Cosplay was, that we started it as family (my girlfriend, her sister (Red Spartan) and her dad ("Master" Master Chief :D ). Two of them are MIA and my Kat quit her job :'(
That's my only Halo cosplay, but there will be more in the future ;)

Skills: we are funny

RPC 2017 _H_Warnke_-49.jpg
That's me
Halo Posen 2.JPG
That's my gf
GamesCom Sonntag49.JPG
Family Squat
Name: Anni
Location: Cologne, Germany
Age: 21
Social Media: Littlezuemi (Instagram, Facebook)
Cons: RPC (favorite Con!), Gamescom, Dokomi
Cosplays: I started Cosplaying in 2013 but did my First Halo Cosplay this year for RPC
It's Veronica Dare from Halo 3 ODST, I'm really proud!
received_1954163827940555.jpeg IMG_20180607_104616_722.jpg
Skills: Improvisation haha, I improved my foamskills very much, I can sew and normally I am finished with a costume one day before the Con.

I'm looking forward to more events with my fellow members of 405th.
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Hi everyone! Im so happy to be part of the 405th European Regiment! Lets kick it!

Name: Anton Käll (AK)
Location: Sweden near the city Lund
Age: 25


Social Media: Facebook: Anton Gillis Käll & instagram: halo_ak_93
Cons: hard to say, the ones 405th is attending and near Sweden i guess. I mostly attend Sci-fi World Malmö, Sci-fi World Helsingborg, Närcon Sommar, Närcon Vinter, Comic Con in Danmark. :)
Cosplays: I started cosplaying around 2-3 years ago but nothing big just casual stuff, i cosplay my Spartan ”The Nordic spartan” that i got from Christopher Works (I made some modifikations and added some paint to it aswell). I also made my own Halo Reach/Halo 3 mixed ODST with help of DFT Tamplets and some freehanding.
Skills: Im good at working/building with foam and im good at painting/weathering. ^^

Picture: Here is some pics of my Halo Reach spartan and my ODST Build! Im Also planing to make my a flood infected marine in the future. ^^
45C813DD-C4DB-4348-8997-3D7E713D7FC0.jpeg DD08AC7B-5E86-4A6B-B01C-4BD61669D647.jpeg
Fun fact: I created a smal Halo cosplay group called ”Fireteam Nordic” for me and my fellow swedish halo cosplayers, i will show you our Facebook page cover with the logo and some of my Teammates! :D
06E09BAD-B747-4837-88D1-811D82675F10.jpeg 2FE4DFB4-E48C-4156-B6E4-CF370A6933C9.jpeg 5BE6D886-3A25-465E-B60C-36A9CAE7B956.jpeg EA5E6A44-92C9-473F-B9A4-AF26EA6ADC71.jpeg

Thats a little about me! I hope to meet you guys someday! ;)
AK Over and out.C38744EB-4134-4EBC-9403-9BB267285ED7.jpegE7E54421-B237-4833-B624-D92185BE656B.jpeg
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Name: Melanie
Location: Germany/NRW/Borken
Age: 34

Social Media: some pics on my fb account
Cons: gamescom, epiccon, let´s see what future brings
Cosplays: custom mc h4, i began hm... three years ago when i was bored and one year later it was ready
Skills: i can drink a lot and bring people to cry (with my hot chilis)






Hey everyone
It's nice to be a part of the european regiment:)

Name: Benji, you can also call me chief or masterchief ;)

Location: Switzerland, wetzikon in the cantoon of zurich

Age: 30

first swiss spartan
Instagram: swiss_spartan


Fantasy basel, switzerland
Mybe i will be at other cons in switzerland
Or at makerfaire bodensee

My Masterchief/ Spartan II build
Because i like the design i took the gauntlets and shoes from the halo 4 chief, the rest is from halo 3.
I started a long long time back in 2012/beginning of 2013
It took very long because i strugled with motivation and had to redo some parts again and again with pepakura, also i had to train for my blackbelt graduation wich took almost 1 year
But now im finished and can advance my armor:cool:

I heard a lot that my pepakura work is very nice and clean, so i guess im good at it, pretty sure that others out there who are faster and cleaner than me but yeah...
Another skill are my knowledge about my used materials, like glas and aramid fibers, resin and other stuff

Here my finished armor in all it's glory:D;)
Alright let's do this!
Hello my fellow Halo fans!

Name: Mikael Reis Andersson (Nickname, Mike) :)
Location: I live near a city called Lund down south of Sweden.
Age: I'm 24 years old

Social Media:
Founder of a swedish star wars cosplay site on FB called "Imperial Outlanders Sweden Outpost"
Facebook: @ImpOutlandersSwe
Cosplay page on Facebook: @ReisanCosplay
Twitter: Rejsan
Instagram: @reisan_cosplay

Cons: I hope people from Europe can one day come to the sci-fi conventions in Malmö and/or Helsingborg which im attending every year. And if not then I hope to come to a con near you guys!

Cosplays: I started cosplaying a little more than Three years ago and started cosplaying an ODST from halo a year ago. I mainly cosplay star wars related stuff but now im trying to do more halo stuff as well, as well as other games/anime etc.

Skills: I've gotten pretty good at making armor and such out of foam and I'm getting better at modifying helmets and such too. But I've still got a lot more to learn!

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Hello my Name is Chrissy

Location: Kreis Lippe, NRW, Germany
Age: 30

Social Media:
Facebook: Black Kitty Chrissy
Instagram: Black Kitty Chrissy (@black_kitty_chrissy) • Instagram photos and videos
Cons: Most German cons.
Cosplays: Halo Related: ODST Armor, Tweaked "We are ODST" Dress Blues, WIP Custom Halo ODST Summer Garrison Khaki uniform (USMC).

Skills: Sewing (especially Princess Dresses), Foam Work, Worbla, Makeup, wigs styling, out fo the box thinking.



Hey there everybody!
Super happy and excited to be a part of the European Regiment.
My name's Emmet, but for cosplay I use DarkWolf, and on here I go by TheSafariMan (Confusing, I know).

Name: Emmet
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Age: 23

Social Media: DarkWolf Cosplay
Instagram: emmet_182
Cons: Every major Ireland conventions. (Hopefully will get to some cons on the continent.)
Cosplays: First costume was my ODST from AndyDFT's set of tutorials. Never got any pictures as I wasn't happy with it, so I remade it using pepakura templates.
My second, and most recent costume is my Halo Reach armor. I'll post pictures below!
Skills: Nothing in particular, I have a degree in IT but that's about it.

13872802_1803949096507190_5332664321775193101_n.jpg 17904411_1928665667368865_1038042748814619642_n.jpg 17884581_1928665724035526_4954703028073629616_n.jpg 19598589_1969005906668174_2682132959772396791_n.jpg 19598689_1969004513334980_981481358232383603_n.jpg 23434779_2030059220562842_9129209820931960541_n.jpg 23559885_2030059637229467_8528179327759947962_n.jpg 36551453_2156156361286460_7289972846200094720_n.jpg 36549517_2156156314619798_2399167743703121920_n.jpg 36038406_2145990418969721_8545882035862896640_n.jpg

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