Sundial Bridge Comic Con June 8 & 9, 2019


Hey everyone!!

I decided to post about the local comic con here so folks can know what's what! This year's comic con is going to be held at the Red Lion Hotel in Redding, California. It will be June 8-9, 2019.

Here is the facebook link to it and I will come back to post updates as they come in!!

Sundial Bridge Comic Con

Thanks everyone!!!


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Added to the Pacific Cons List. Thanks for the tip.


Hey everybody!!!

Now that the comic con is over here is some footage of the event with pics!!

The first place winner was a really cool dragon gal!!! (is so forgot your name sorry!!) Great job on your cosplay it was awesome!!!

Although I didn't even place I still had a good time and got A TON of positive feedback on my new updated suit. Very exciting and fun for all ages as I got to take many pictures with little kids and adults alike. I think this was a great "test drive" for the suit and it looks like I'm ready for the big show on Labor Day weekend! Watch out HOD here I come!! :):)




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You look ready! Great job.

I liked your contest walk through. Could have been a little slower, but it was still fun!