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Sean Bradley

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Does anybody here like to Superbounce in Halo 2?

I don't condone doing it in matchmaking, but I do love to explore outside the maps and on the rooftops every once in a while. When I host games at work, I'll usually superbounce to somewhere high and watch the game from above.

Makes me feel like a General or something.
That depends on what you consider cheating. Is it modding? No. But was it intended to be used in gameplay....? I don't think so. It's a glitch. And because it takes practice, some people consider it unfair.

But it's fun as heck, I'll admit that.

Adam, I'll send you some bounce tutorials, or I'd be glad to show you how to do a few of them if you want to learn...
I dont really super bounce in matchmaking becuase some people start swearing for no reason so i stopped but we do have contests and stuff to see who can get the highest the fastest and stuff like that or i just do it for fun sometimes, try i think thats what its called then go to superbounces.
I dislike Super Bounce in match making but in a custome game messing around its fun. I see it done alot in Turf(one of the more simpler bounces) and it kind of irritates me when the man up there has the only rifle and just picks off the other team with no skill, then you go to bounce and the 3 men still grounded converge on you. But in your spare time off the rank boards, it is fun :mrgreen:

Sorry this guys music sucks but here a Super Bounce video montage.
I know a few super bounces. I don't do them much because I'm usually playing matchmaking, and I think its kinda unfair (in matchmaking that is). I don't play custom games much because its my little brothers account and I don't really know any of his friends.
I know a few superbounces. I absolutley mastered one on Zanzibar that gets you right on top of the building. I've used it once in a matchmaking Team Snipers game, but I didn't get a singe lkill while I was up there. No one was in sight, oh well. But once there was some guy who did a super bounce in a matchmaking ranked oddball game... while he had the skull... and he went completely out of the level... He got himself some negative feedback there!

I use it more for fun than anything. But the oddball incident I definately consider cheating.
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