SW Imperial Knight cardboard armor (off topic)


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My fellow prop makers, Here is the continuation of a project I had started in '09. My inspiration is from STAR WARS comic book "LEGACY". Once all masters are finished I will be making silicone molds for this complete armor. Let me know what you think!!!










That's coming out very well! You may want to build up the pecs of the chest armor a little bit - they look more round in the comic image. The shoulder straps look a bit more narrow as well. I'm not sure how exact you're trying to get it. Still, that looks pretty darn good and is definitely recognizable.


That is very cool!! I have loved legacy, definitely one of my all time favorite star wars stories but I'm also very partial towards a'shard hett (His story, in my opinion is way cooler then anakin's though I am a big fan of skywalker as well)
Very cool, you do an excellent job of shaping it up with bondo. if you didn't have the base cardboard model Id've thought it was a pep.
I've never heard of these imperial knights but they look cool.
What color are you planning on painting it, the bright red or something else? Also what type of paint do you plan on using?

What is the blaster made out of? I'm partial to lightsabers but whatever boats your float. (or something)


I've never heard of these imperial knights
Ok, now quick history lesson (star wars history that is)

While palpatine was emperor, he had enlist senate guards, trained them to be "force sensitive", changed their garb from blue to crimson red and they became his imperial guard; you can see them in return of the Jedi in the imperial throne room. After palpatine was killed, the empire crumbled and skywalker reformed the Jedi order. While skywalker was alive, an alien race never before seen by those who still lived called the yuzhan vong attacked the new republic but were later defeated. A civil war broke out and the republic split into the alliance and the new empire. This time the imperial warriors of the new empire was a fully trained Jedi and instead of the empire being a force of evil the new empire swore alligence to the light side of the force. Now throughout this history the sith are still around but do not align themselves with the new empire until the legacy series approximately 173 years after the battle of yavin. Now the imperial knights (the guys in crimson armor) are basically the warriors who are equally trained in the ways of the force as the jedi or sith but serve the will of the emperor as long has he/she serves the light side of the force. The knights are sworn fealty to the emperor but if the emperor falls to the dark side they are to kill him/her, basically the emperor is the interpreter of the will of the force.

That's it in a very brief nut shell.... by far in my opinion the best series in star wars to date
Very interesting, this is the first I've heard of it. I'm not really up on my star wars history but I have read a ton of the books.
Timothy Zahn especially, the Rogue Squadron series, The corillian series, dark forces (one of my favorite non movie stories)
The bounty hunter series. . . The list goes on. I do know of the yuzhan vong, and a fair bit about the imperial guards but I didn't know about this one. I'll have to look it up.


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Sculpting with bondo is my favorite, very good medium if you have a base to work from. The Blaster is also from the same comic book "Legacy" but it belongs to Cade Skywalker. I finished that costume for Halloween '09


The red is a hot color but I have seen a black version on line, I may make both!

Thanks for posting the history, that was way too much for me to type!!! I do agree Legacy is the best post SW comic next to Crimson Empire!!



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It has been awhile since I had any progress to show, but since closer looking at the comic images I decided to remake the shoulder bell, both shoulder tops, hand plate, and both forearms. All these pieces started out as cardboard. After I added the cardboard detail I started the bondo process. Here are some of my progress pics. All pieces are finished, and I had made silicone molds of the upper and lower abd plates, shoulder bell, hand plate and upper back applique. As soon as cash allows I will mold up the arms, Sh tops, and the torso, that is going to be fun!!!








Check back soon for more updates!!!
If you have any questions comments or suggestions please post!!!



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Thanks for the kind words. I used Krylon banner red.
The blaster is made of resin, I sculpted the handle from foam and used wood dowel and pvc to make the body.

tsau mia

That is really awesome and very unique. I see a lot of white stormtroopers running around, but I don't think I've ever seen this. Fantastic job and very well done!


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Oh sweet god I want to buy and I mean I want to invest my money in this if you need it to get molding taken care of and casting materials taken care of I have wanted IK armor ever since I saw it in the comics and ever since I saw Thomas Spanos of the 501st scuplting the armor but your armor looks perfect, keep it up and as soon as you start selling contact me ASAP.


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Thank you all for the kind words!!! This project was a labour of love!!! I am making these available to everyone that is interested, just PM me!!!