Tactical vest with feedback

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Eurogamer reports:

"With different versions for racing and first-person shooter titles, the idea is to make you feel gunshots, kicks, punches, acceleration, deceleration, crashes and general real-life sensations you play games to avoid.

It does this by inflating pockets of air around the body or little cells on the head to give you a jolt now and again. Quite cleverly it can inflate partially or blow air over your ears to simulate a near miss.

So far only the first-person shooter vest is available to buy for USD 169 in camouflage or tactical black colours. Currently it only works with Call of Duty 2 or TN Games title Incursion, but has Valve and id Software titles in its sights. Phew."

Source : N4G

What do you think of it?


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I don't know how well it would work with Halo 3, seeing that most weapons have to shoot the person to much. Imagine little impacts all over your body, for a while. Plus weapons litle the battle rifle, where you shoot the persons head a lot.

Now I think CoD4 would work well, because you only need to be shot a few times. Anything that is a head shot is a one hit kill. I think if they had a grenade explosion impact, that would be awesome. Your whole side that blew up gets a large impact. :D
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