Taiwanese Sensation Is New Whitney Houston.

mc halo3

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i was scrolling around on youtube when i found this:


He's like the new whitney houston maybe even better and should replace her at her concerts as shes a little bit off alot. Hes the new justin bieber or susan boyle, everybodys talking about him.

His voice his phenomenal and i think he should keep it up and get sponsored but a record label.

Post your thoughts here about what you think about him.


This guy is FREAKING EPIC. His singing is crazy. But I especially like his awesome red bow tie and bowl hair cut. Hahaha He looks straight out of an anime cartoon.


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Haha This guy is cool! I love his voice. Hopefully he'll get the right kind of attention, and not be grouped in with the average boy pop stars. His voice sounds too sophisticated to be wasted on singing sappy love songs like Justin Bieber and the like. But regardless, it's still awesome. :)


I remember when I first saw this, my jaw was dropped for literally 10 minutes after the video ended. That was INSANE.