Taken From Us Too Soon, Goodbye PerniciousDuke


405th Regiment Officer
Member DIN
Rest in peace buddy. You had the third most reactions on this site. Fourth most award points.

You were the one who motivated me to be more involved in this community but now your tag has gone @ tag has gone dark, I've lost the tag team companion for projects that can further improve the lives of others and empower the Halo costuming community.


PerniciousDuke (2015-2024)​

Pouring one out for you <3
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I loved Dukes tutorials, and I wish I was able to catalog more before he was removed... I worry for Pacific reg now, since they lost such an integral and active member..

Definitely something that let me find my feet when I found this community. Hoping to bump into his at a con, regardless of whether either of us have a blue logo or not.
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Duke’s resignation and subsequent removal from this site is a wound that the 405th will bear for a long time. You were one of the people that inspired me to start making armor, a constant source of positivity that this community desperately needed. It’s a complete and utter shame. I wish him nothing but the best.
It’s unfortunate we lost duke. I never really got to talk to him however that does not stop me from thinking this decision is absolutely stupid. Honestly when your entire staff rejects your decision and almost everyone hates that decision you should at least think something is wrong. I’m sad to know we lost a very integral member and honestly I doubt it’s the last one… I hope the owner rethinks what he decided to do and allows duke to return… I doubt that will happen but it’s a hope nonetheless… We will miss you Duke.
I only ever saw the name a few times around. I never knew him or what kind of impact he made on/to/for the community. But like others here have said, this decision feels wrong.
The entire situation leading up to this was mishandled. The optics alone of it do not look good. Can you imagine how this would look if it got out? Highly regarded 405th member posts true/accurate statement of what happened regarding 405th and pride theming and then gets banned/silenced for it. Makes it look even worse than it already did.
What a god awful situation, I can’t stand how people’s selfish actions make hobbies so difficult to be a part of. Screw the leadership’s decision, it’s beyond stupid and selfish, and I honestly doubt it’ll change either, considering how cowardly they’ve behaved in terms of communication. Unbelievable.
I haven't had the opportunity to meet Duke yet, but seeing the way he's interacted with and encouraged new members, not to mention how ingrained into the pacific regiment as a whole he is/was, makes me believe this was a rash decision. I'm still very green but I hope to meet the whole Pacific Regiment soon.
I never had many opportunities to interact with Duke, but from the couple times i did, he was a very kind and helpful fellow. If i recall correctly, his Tutorial Index was actually the first 405th thread i ever saw, and thus started my journey to make my own Master Chief suit. The reasoning for this ban is quite selfish and backwards, but Duke... We'll miss ya
This sucks to hear, he was the first 405th-related person I interacted with. The Pacific Regiment won't be the same, and it's going to be tough no longer seeing your handle around here, always ready to help people out. I hope to see you at conventions in the future, but we'll all miss you around here! (Side note, I was very concerned by the wording until I read the post haha.)
Duke was a big reason I came back to the 405th, meeting him and Arc (along with others) at Outpost Discovery rekindled my excitement for halo costuming and being a member here. Because of this, I now operate my own prop-making business and, as of just a few hours ago, completed a pretty successful weekend in my first-ever retail booth at a con. I have no doubt things would look quite different in my life were it not for Duke and his incredibly welcoming and supportive nature.
Seeing someone like Duke being banned from this community is shocking, to say the least.

I am incredibly disappointed in the actions being taken here.
Just from the im's i have ever send Duke he was always right there never left me hanging and did not have a bad thing to say about anyone on here that i know of. i am going to miss chatting with him on here. i am not sure what was said or done but a Ban seems a little harsh we could not just have him step done from his leadership roll? again im not sure what happened i must have missed it. i guess what is done is done i hope i get the chance to catch up with him at a con.

Going to Miss you Duke till we meet again
What Division has done to Duke is absolutely reprehensible. A cowardly act for being called out on fairly. He wasn't even given a hearing by the DOJ as he should have been according to the Mantle. This was for lack of better words, first class bullsh*t.
I wish Duke the very best of luck outside of the 405th.

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