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Im not too sure what im looking at. this place looks realy cool but alot of these links im finding are broken. How many people are still activley here?...
Quiet a few people are active, what links are not working for you? I admit there are some Downloads that have been dead for a long time.


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For instance most links in the thread Marine armor below this one dont work. Im just dissapointed i cant make things like this. and im sure trying to buy em costs quite alot, huh. oh well. Rock on, guys.
Somehow I knew you were going to mention the marine links. I To have been wanting the Marine pep files since I came here. Eventually someone is going to repost them or post new ones.

Why do you say you cant make things like this? Honestly if you can fold paper follow instructions you can make many of the projects on here. Just have to get out there and try.


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Durlaburban said:
yeah lots of us are stil active just ask for help and we'll be here.
Yeah where active!
Theres about 50-100 of us online all the time.

Most of the links work unless they are veeeeeeeeeeeeery old.

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Request new links in the original thread... don't start a new thread asking for the links.

You can see the names of the members who are online at any given time on the main menu at the bottom.
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