Technician uniform

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To christen this new forum, I have started this thread, as it qualifies as "soft armor" as it would be made out of fabric.

But I have fail to find any good screenshots of this uniform, which can be seen on Crows nest, so if anyone wouldn't mine, please post some pic for meh so I can get my preliminary planning done and create my xmas list :p
Oh, the orange suit, or the white suit with the hard hats? I guess either could be found at like, Value Village or something. I don't have XBL right now, but if I did I would have a pic for you.
I wouldn't mind a suit resembling that of the Cryo Engineers of the original Halo....

Also, if you need pictures, send me a PM with details and I'll do what I can for you.
kanianreborn said:
naw im speaking of the guys at the beginning of Crows nest
...that's the same uniform as the cryo engineers, just changed a bit with the style.
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