Teen titans GO!


I have been looking everywhere for online scans of the comics yet I find no torrent, nor download website.
I found the book of manliness, yet no comics?
Can anyone please help?


i didn't know there were comics of Teen Titans but try asking on comic book websites some of them might have forums with people knowing or in possesion of these comics. hope this helps.


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I know there is a comic for teen titans, but I dont think there is a new one for the new design. The only ones we have here are my dad's old 1960's versions he bought for a nickel.


A nickle back then could have bought a pound of kandy sonny, the low quality candy.

Anyway, just to be serious here, I mean the newer version, that takes place after the animated series. I found a torrent for 49 of the comics and it takes a while to download, at 500mb it should take my computer 10 minutes or less, but its taken a day and at only 30%.
If anyone wants I could upload the entire thing and put a download link for anyone who wants it. Of course im compressing it in rar format, but you could uncompress with winrar.