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    Selling my 3d printed Teishin helmet. It’s 3d printed and epoxied together. Needs some small thing to be truely finished. Needs padding (have a T-shirt stuffed in there for the pictures). I’m 5’9 for scaling references. And it has lots of room inside. Back of helmet is pretty open. I printed it like this because I didn’t know exactly what size opening I needed to fit it onto my head. I had planned an shaping a strip of EVA foam as a kind of close out panel on the back of the opening. Also has leds that aren’t really game accurate but thought they looked cool. One side doesn’t work I think the batteries are dead in that light. Anyway they are just these little lights from amazon Then the visor was repurposed from a disguise MC helmet. Doesn’t fit perfect but it’s darn close. It has some small gaps on corners I’ll post photos of. So I think thats it. I never finished this costume so I’m making room for new. I’ve never really sold my own pieces before and I guess I’m my own worst critic. So I’ll ask $80 plus shipping but definitely be open to offers.
    77AABF4E-B0B1-4D99-BE2E-972BBE9FB59B.jpeg 3C5E2A78-632D-43B7-AA54-D34A6BC6799D.jpeg 4B112C84-FB07-4115-ADC6-8FE8C24639D2.jpeg 68B2513F-D7D1-46B5-9671-312C141C1112.jpeg 0A4C51CC-B4E1-481F-82D2-10E1BB5A7685.jpeg BD2E5708-36F1-4C04-928F-17592D3DEE62.jpeg 040825AD-B581-4C9C-8871-D1C135FC5F97.jpeg 14410E29-44F3-4D65-8EF7-321961BD6D6F.jpeg 3C358CC9-0252-4568-8BAE-72C1EBE7A03C.jpeg
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