Tell 'em To Make It Count


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Super duper uber jealous of your saw.

That's looking really great!

I'm sorry to hear about your self-isolation. :( best wishes.
Thanks man! Yesterday was my last day of isolation, so all good there. Just had a minor sore throat, which meant a 10 stint of cosplay and house renovations haha.

So shortly after my post there, I wasn’t happy with the scale of the upper plate that runs all the way around the head and in front of the neck, so Iended up cutting it apart and adding a 2” spacer to make it a bit longer. It looks quite a bit better now, I believe. That’s one big thing I find with scratch building. A part might look great when you first cut it out, but looks horrible after assembling the rest of the components around it. Luckily this was an easy fix!