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I know some of us are gonna end up with H3 ledgendary edition.
The question I ask you is this: Are you willing to take it apart?
I know what your going to say "Uh, hey man, it's only the size of a cat"
I am going to say "No, it's not."
The helmet CAN fit on a very few amount of heads, and I want to know if those people are willing to modify the helmet to be worn.
(Take out the bottom, completely gut it. Replace the visor, of course.)
I'm gonna camp at the local Micro Center, even if they're not doing the contest, or Best Buy.... I've got one reserved w/ Best Buy to mail me, but if I win one I'll probably mod it somehow.
If I got the legendary game with the helmet, I would just leave it as is on the stand. I mean, not only is it a serious collectors item it's cool the way it is. And how could anyone suggest gutting such a work of art. :shock:
This will all be decided the day after they come out and the very first person cuts his apart, sees the interior structure and posts pics.

Until then I wouldn't make any decisions.
So you say... I still haven't seen a pic of the inside under the bottom of the case though.

By the way he tries to get it back over the box, it seems that the cutout in the bottom of the helmet is the shape of the box and therefore is too small to put a human head through.
Silverzippo93 said:
It's plenty big to fit on an average person's head.

It's plenty big in comparison to what people were saying when it was first announced (you know, the whole "fit the head of your cat" thing), but I doubt it will actually be "plenty big" for an "average" persons head, even if you completely gut it.
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Friendly said:
Sean Bradley said:
So you say... I still haven't seen a pic of the inside under the bottom of the case though.



Check out the pic at 1:15.

Thats the underside of the case.... whats inside?

The helmet is made of seperate sections that have to bolt or glue together. What do you think the odds are that they designed the interior of the helmet so that it could be worn?

If it's small to begin with and there some reinforcing structure, like fastening seams to boot... You're going to have to do more than cut the bottom out and replace the visor in order to wear it..
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