Texture files.

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Would anybody be willing to make a list (with external links to....)

The High Res texture files for the MC? .jpg, .bmp, .tif, or .ai??? (Halo 3 preferable)

When I make my armor i want it to look as accurate as possible. IE, getting the paint, scratches, dents, and all forms of texture right and correctly placed :)
I hate this question, I have answered the same thing.

There is no life sized texture of halo 3 master chief, the only high quality texture is from ingame and if strecthed to life size would make it pixelated like a game from 10 years ago. the only way to make realistic armor is to paint it, if you were to print it out, you could have fold lines over the armor which looks tacky, plus you couldnt see the lines or numbers thus you dunno what to fold. The best is to resin and glass the peice, then paint it, several people do this and get the best looking masterchief effect you can get, rather than some stretchy looking texture printed...and if you were to print them, ink cost could go over 100 dollars, then when you resin, resin eats the ink and ruins the armor for good.
1. *BUMP*
2. Don't treat me like an idiot please.

3. Maybe i should re-phrase the question.

Are there *ANY* flat image files of the Halo 3 Textures? I asked for High res. not life size. I don't plan on *making* it life-size to print it out either.

4. I would like to have this BECAUSE, I want an accurate and consistent visual reference of the paint and weathering that were incorporated into the original texture from the in-game suit.

THIS way, when I do get around to making my armor (yes, using the fiberglass method and other techniques).... I can,
a) Choose an accurate color scheme and paint method to replicate the texture, as well as find a matching solution for the 'actual' suit texture.
b) be able to properly (and completely accurately) weather, shade, and highlight said pieces.

Could I do this from the 'game play' reference that you posted? Yes, it's very possible and I could. But having the prime source for something like that makes it much easier... not to mention I don't like allowing room for error.

I want my armor to be spot on. (That is also why I am creating a game accurate under-suit as well).

So, *again*, to anyone who has the Halo 3 model files...

What is the chance of making available the 2d image files for these suit textures?
If it has not been done already can I humbly request that it be done?

BTW As long as they are saved at a high resolution... not necessarily a freaking HUGE image file.... it's usable....

... Does this make sense now?
(P.S. Forgive any pessimism in my post.... I just get frustrated when people assume that I don't have a legitimate plan for my requests)
i think they're still gona be all stretched looking if you're gona make a lifesize pep model with it...

and it'll use up all the ink in your printer.

i suggest looking at reference pics instead.

good luck.
Nobody has available H3 textures yet.

The H2 ones are in the How to Use Pepakura Sticky, H1 is in the Pepakura Download Database.

I've used printed textures to get my details in the exact correct locations, I prefer it to plain pepakura. It's not like it doesn't work, even with the H1 models.
Alright, thanks Sigma for your clear and concise answer.

I guess i'll just have to wait until someone can crack the 3d files and make them available eh?
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