Tf2 Pepakura


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Hey, just throwing it out there, but does anyone have any good TF2 pepakura files? Me and my friends are planning to go as the whole team, and if anyone either has or can do pepakura files for the Soldier's Rocket launcher (Direct hit or Standard or both), or the Sniper's Rifle, or The Demoman's Grenade or Sticky launcher, please post! Please post as much as you can!


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Reference Shots


Direct Hit


Rocket Launcher


Sniper Rifle


Grenade Launcher


Sticky Grenade Launcher


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Anybody else have any ideas on how to find or make the Pep files? Does anyone out there have them, or do I have to find a way to get them from the PC version of TF2?Is that even possible?) If anyone knows if it is possible, please notify me and give step by steps :) Thank you everyone