The 405th Age Limit

What Should The 405th Age Limit Be?

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It should be 16 because most people at that age have a job and can work on armor and help support the site....etc..etc

But thats me and my opinion.
personaly, its up to the creators of the site to make the age limit, if they want 18 just let them do what they want. Just going to have to wait if your to young, however in the years you have to wait you can use that time to make armor that could look Movie quality for all i know. so it if you are under age, then use the time wisely to practice you armor making skills.
ditto......thats basically what the age system does though although with an age system there also comes an automatic assumption that all people of a certain age group act a certain way.

too bad
Maybe an age limit and a Maturity test? to help screen out all Bad 16 year olds? some 16 year olds can act pretty bad >.> Not that I'm one of them.. really, I'm not, lol :$ops:
thats what parents are for :) j/k

i personally say 18 because ive had to wait this long to join the 501st and plus kids who are 16 will buy stuff, join then lose interest. at least by 18 you have some of your priorities sorted out.......when i say 16 year olds i mean in general, not all of them
and kids that have parents get them credit cards usually do not have the responsibility to have one
Redsleighdown said:
If somehow we can have a maturity rating system instead of age...
Red wins! I choose Red's idea, but I casted my vote as 16.
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I wanted to vote 18+, and I'm only 17. lol.

I like 16, but unfortunately, some boys and girls are not mature enough even at this age.

Honestly look at the pros and cons of being 16:

-I can join the 405th two years early
-I will be able to drive (in most states)

-Any group I am affiliated with will be held accountable for my actions.
-I am not legally an adult, so therefore cannot travel without adult consent.
-16 year olds cannot rent hotel rooms (for stay at conventions), once again, only an adult (18yrs. old +) can do this.
-At 16 years old, I'm more prone to prove that I am cooler than the star wars nerds (sorry Fitzs). Meaning that I might not be mature enough to turn my cheek to confontation.

I mean, there's good and bad. I voted 16 to keep the masses happy.
I personally have no problem waiting till I'm 18 to join. The more time, the merrier. :mrgreen: My elite costume will look awesome if I have a whole year to complete it and that sorta thing.

;-) Just my two cents.
About renting hotel rooms....

Most hotels/inns I've stayed at require you to be 21 to reserve/rent a room. Sometimes con-affiliated hotels are a little more relaxed, but most of the time they aren't.
some places are.......i like to go to bars and i dont think that 16 yr olds can go :mrgreen: :lindsey:
I've been thinking alot about this lately, and decided to wait 3 years to join. (when im 18). just so i can get plenty of work done on armor, want to make it look top notch.
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