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Well, this was a long time idea i had, doing a videogame/ movie - themed model series of various franchises i do happen to enjoy. This one in particular will be all about Halo, covering all games and related official or professional artwork from fans ( sources included of course). Or maybe i`ll get creative and do my own remixes of existing stuff. To a degree you always have to, because it is difficult to get every angle if you are dealing with old games, often low poly. Some things are maybe just skyboxes or cutscenes, so there`s no 3rd dimension and you have to make up your own ideas.

This thread will probably heavily focus on the bungie-style brutalist forerunner buildings because they`re my favorites and they`re much easier to make with the tools i am used to work with for this kind of models.
Remade iconographic elements in the Anniversary Editions are an option too (thanks to Blur and Saber Interactive). Just to inform you what i have in mind:

vyacheslav-solovov-ghu1.jpg screenshot_20190212_231447.png

I will mix traditional methods with modern equipment, 3dprinting will be an accurance on here.
I will not just only make the models, but also do some renders/ photoshops and sketches which i may offer to you guys to play with and repost here.

You are invited to criticise if i may slip and miss the right imagery/ proportions, or you can make
proposals on what to work next. If you have done something similar feel free to post a pic or share your experience. Honestly i`m a bit jumpy and direct my energy towards another project from time to time, keep me on a straight path guys!:lol:
Come on, get along with the Ride!
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Hahaha, there really is an awfull (or amazing) lot to choose from. Let alone other franchises (Deus Ex fan but a Halo whorshipper).
Because i have seen it recently and liked it a lot i may start with something from the upcoming Halo Infinite.
It is an iteration of the Classical Lighthouse from the first Halo. You can see it at the End of the newest trailer.
For Example a little Glimpse here:


It definitely carries some of the old elements mixed with Sparth's style.
Watching the 343 Social Stream i discovered variations shown in the Making Of:


Fan made ones:
ludwig-gaias-halo-ui-v2-4k (2).jpg

Credit goes to Ludwig Gaias

And don`t forget the remaster in H1 Anniversary! Probably more in Halo Legends and so on….So you see that even one specific piece can have so many different facets to it!
My take on it so far:

LIghthouse Rnder.jpg
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I have to print this if i want to have all the details, i think about making a diorama similar to the title-pop-up-shot in the trailer.

As you can already guess, this thread will be pic-heavy....

I will cut simpler, smaller variants of this out of styrofoam or use a less detailed file on the printer. Should make other arrangements to give it this panoramic view. Could be hard to nail that perpective because i really have to fake it, the proportions don`t mix at whatever scale...
I might cut off the surrounding ring at a certain hight and just do all the parts you will see on camera.
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