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~The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship ~

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Animix Cosplayer, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Animix Cosplayer

    Animix Cosplayer New Member

    Okay so I may be new but here I go with my first shot at Halo Armor I'll be recreating Sarge from "Red vs. Blue" on the red team because my friends and I are gonna make the full team so I'll keep you all posted (with Images) on how things are going and I would like any suggestions to help me along the way...


    :Check List:

    N/S means Not Started

    Helmet: N/S

    Hand Guards: (Right) Printed

    (Left) N/S

    Forearms: (Right) N/S

    (Left) N/S

    Biceps: (Right) N/S

    (Left) N/S

    Chest Plate: N/S

    Belt/ Crotch Plate: N/S

    Upper Legs: (Right) N/S

    (Left) N/S

    Shins: (Right) N/S

    (Left) N/S

    Feet: (Right) N/S

    (Left) N/S


  2. Cool if you get it done, but pics or didn't happen.

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