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    Hello !

    I'm making a halo reach armor for like ~4 years ( Ingeneering school doesn't help ) . So now I have some time to work on it.
    So this is what I want to do : Vanity_636606942956387734.png

    I learned a lot about how to do ( scale / pepakura ) on this forum .
    I know the differents methods : pepakura+resin etc.... / eva foam / modeling .
    I began my armor with the first method with my helmet ( bad idea for a noob ) and recently I made the shoulders and the forearms , It looks like this : 20180712_182023631_iOS.jpg

    and the shoulder :


    I spoke with someone who said that the foam technique is easier and the finished amor is lighter ( yeah It's foam ) . So now I hésitate between continuing with resin or redo from the beginning with eva Foam.

    What do you think about that ? What would you choose at my place ? Because I want to have the best results when I will be finished
    And If someonne can give me a constructive opinion of my past work I would be thankfull.

    Thank you and sorry for my english !
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    Both techniques have their pros and cons and the definition of easy is difficult to nail down because both approaches require different skill sets. Did you enjoy making the pepakura armour? Did you find it challenging? If you've had a good experience up to this point with it I'd say carry on with it for the sake of consistency, pepakura builds do take a bit longer to complete but they are generally a bit more durable because of it.

    Also, don't worry about the English, I think the only slip ups you had were a rogue accent aigu and an engineering/ingeneering which I see a bunch with French Canadians all the time. You totally pass English test!
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    Hey man! I agree with all things the wise Turbo says. I’d definitely say to give eva foam a try and see if you prefer it more than the pep work you’ve done already. I started my first Reach costume with foam and it turned out pretty good for me, it’s not as taxing and emotionally straining as I’ve heard pep can be.
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    Thank you ! I will try the foam technique and after I will decide if I continue to use the resin method .
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    Also, there is nothing wrong with using both techniques, or more, for your armor.

    There are some pieces, like Helmets, that I personally find easier to get more details and proper shape, with Pepakura and fiber glass resin, and some pieces, like boot armor and thigh plates, that the slight flexibility and lower weight of foam to be helpful for.

    So, if you try foam and like it, don't think you have to get rid of the Pepakura and resin pieces you have already made. There are many people with costumes here that used more than one technique on the same set of armor.

    I have peped and fiberglassed pieces, foam, and vacuum formed plastic all on my Halo 1 armor set.
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    Hey , I'm back , this is my first attempt with foam , what do you think ?

    Maybe It's a bit too big , but the Security Shoulder is big in Reach.

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    Keep at it man! I'm sure your finished piece will look great!

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