The Best Paper Costume I have ever seen

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that is pretty wild. the cost of all that ink is probably more than all the fiberglass and resin for a pepakura suit. that is pretty detailed... i wonder how he came up with the design?
Stang, that is some of the coolest paper armor I've seen!
Wonder how long it took him to print it all out. o_O
Wow. Thats just amazing. I must say, he is dedicated if he was willing to find all those ink cartridges. Not only would it be expensive, It always seems like it is so hard to find the right ink cartridge for any given printer.
geeezzzzus, thats paper? whats next Tissue paper?! creativity is endless, ya got ta love that!!
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:eek: wow thats insane!! That would be awesome if we could get him on these forums; that would help people out a lot, or at least spawn some sweet ideas.
Kratos God of War said:
thats awesome hmm cool one piece is

I found a pic of this guy back in Oct in front of his garage. I wish he would join, because he has the best paper armor :not worthy: in my book. :mad: :mad: :mad:
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WOW :eek: this is absolutely pretty sure he doesnt want to join us beause everybody here will ask him how he did it and am also guessing that he thinks hes to cool for us...wut a waste o_O
thta paper costume is the best one i have ever seen too i wonder who made it and how long it took them to make it
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