The Big New Awesome ForgeWorld thread.


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Hello 405th guys/dudes/dudettes

For the past couple of weeks i have bumped in the new forgeworld thread.

I thought that i'd just resurrect it now by making a new thread.

For all people that dont know what i'm talking about: This little link.

Now this thread will feature a ForgeWorld template.

To explain this further: I am making a new map diorama thing.

I glued and screwed 2 multiplex plates together and drew a scaled version of the whole forgeworld map.

I made a photo of it from above, and i'm going to post in in this thread:
ForgeWorld Template

There you have it folks.

Now you might think: "HaloReplicas, what do you want us to do with it?".
well folks, I want YOU to use your epic ms paint skills to draw out on this template what you want the new forgeworld map to look like.
And then i mean qua terrain and enviroment, maybe even include a map of forge objects associated with the map.

After useing your "Epic Skills", post your take on the new forgeworld map right here, and after enough entries i will try to create a mix up of all your map ideas in to this diorama and post it, then after your opinion, send a picture to 343 industries.

So folks, start your creativity.