The Conquering of the Elites

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Yup...I'm restarting my (thought was) long gone old comics: The Conquering of the Elites. I first started making these comics back in 6th grade (haha) now i'm 9th grade, remaking them.

The Counquering of the Elites is a story about the Master Chief, and a grunt team up together when the Elties betray the Covenant (so that means everyone's against them). The comic is supposed to be funny, but i'm running out of (funny) ideas. I usually put random things in them like Master Chief vs. Sonic or Mario or sumthin, just to make up the time.

If you got any requests, please PM me or post on this topic. I'll put up pics of all the comics (if my parents didn't delete them [YET]). There are about 10 comics all 2-3 pages each.

Right now, I'm working on a 300 (the movie) edition, with the Master Chief and the other Spartans, against the Covenant Brutes (Immortals), Elites (I don't know yet), and the Grunts (grunts...of course).

The comics are all made out of Sprites (the little game things:
Oops my bad... heres a 1 i's only 1 page though

SRRY Conquering of the Elites: 300 edition won't b comin soon (bout a week or so) comp got blue screened :eek: T_T and all the sprites i had were deleted....T_T
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