Props the halo 3 (or reach!) spiker, gone... nerf?


the title is what it implies, i made a nerf spiker! and the best part is that even though its templates are beta stage, it all works like a normal maverick, except for the little bit of extra weight. as i said before, the templates are beta, becuase even though i worked on them for 2 solid hours, you have to attach most of the parts by hacking up tape and cardboard. i really want to make the final set easy to apply, so that anyone that wants to make a nerf spiker can. so, if there is any talented nerf modders, or cardboard weapon specialists out there, i want some from you guys to make quite possibly the best halo/ nerf maverick mod!
but on to the reason you pulled up the thread, because you wanted to see my spiker!
any and all criticism welcome, after all, that's what im here to get!






so, yeah. if you like, say so, if you hate, well i dont want to here it. if you got feedback, dont hold back! if you want to help in the creation of better templates pm me1!

Hatsune Miku

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Pretty Good It Looks well Done Just some Deatailed And Paint And There You Have A Awsome Spiker From Halo 3 So I Hope To See The Finshed Product ! :D


Thanks :D
yea, does need paint, but i want to save the paint for the final. The templates im working on now arnt drawn free hand without a ruler ( used a peice of cardboard that looked straight, not good, but did the trick ;)). So this time im using a computer. If you saw this in person, youd relise why i think it still got a bit to go before it comes good. I was aiming for reach style, but 3 might just have to do, that funny ironsight thing for the reach one might just be a pain to install.
Oh, one thing bubbenstein, what do you mean "glue it up"???


thanks and thanks!
probably should use hot glue to hold the cardboard to gether, but to hold it to the gun is a no-no. i only just got off the last of the hot glue from when i went and made cyber steampunk, that was a 2 month job using knives, scissors and farm pliers. never want to re-live that experience.


i can fix anything with duct tape!
but there are a few things i cannot fix with super glue...
1- my dignaty
2- my pride
3- my dog and
4- my broken leg (jokes, i dont have a broken leg!)


oh wow, we have a necromancer! bro, the thread has been dead for while- and by a while i meanjust over a year!
please dont post in threads over, what was it- 3? yes 3 months old i think. if you want to speak about it, id probably pm me.
and probably foam/plastic if i could get my hands on a new nerf maverick


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the blades could i get the template you used
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