The Halo Diorama By Roodkill

For the sake of awsome..

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Hey 405th, I know I said I've been working on a lot of big projects lately and truth is I have been, only problem is I get the creative drive then can't seem to stop to take pictures long enough to share with all of you. So please before I show off the cool stuff Ryan and I are working on please ask your questions on the creation to the diorama.

The Diorama will be shown at San Diego Comic con in the art exhibit upstairs when first arriving to the convention. It will be around 2X5 feet.

We will be selling smaller parodies of the models at the convention as well as situations from the game. These are in scale to the McFarlane figure and were pulled from them. Don't worry, we're all good over here and have thier blessing to make them and sell. After we have our molds made, we cast them in (I konw what you're going to say and yes... hot glue.

First, we buy our figure... and pull him apart


Now we mold everyone


Now pour in da glue. *burn* ow!


Oh look! Active camo! Or are you dead?


Now paint the details


Time to give them personality...



Look, more!


A lot...more...


ok, two things before you all go. Ryan and I have decided to make ourselfs as well as others to be placed in the model for the sake of awsomeness.

We will be making other 405th members all for the price of: free. Yes, free.

But there is a catch. We will need you to PM me (Roodkill) with your full complete armor with back, front, and detail shots. We also want a short description as to why you'd like to make an apperirance in this epic art piece. Please make the request for the weapon you want to hold and the action you want to be preforming in the diorama. Also include your preferance to being alone or in a group. This is limited to only Human armors and only one per person.

UPDATE: We're accepting members without complete sets of armor as well, however send us the details along with your character information

We're not beyond humor and crazy actions no matter the randomness. However, we will be keeping the figures unless there is a trade worked out in PM.

Two, please give us suggetions and ideas and we'll consider it heavily. Please don't be rude, but every opinion is accepted here. Methods like painting and what you want us to bring to the table are welcomed. However, we only have molds and can sculpt ODSTs, Spartians, Brute Captians, and Grunts. If you would like to see another figure added to the table and have that character, then PM me and we'll work our a temporary situation for molding the character and then returning it.

Well thanks for looking, Come back to see more often, but it's time to get to making more...


Rookill and Lord Hellraiser-


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it seems like pretty cool idea youve got here, i also like how youd make mini versions of forum member's armor, thats kinda cool. =]
looking good but we whould try to make a full scale scarab we can u se our action clix one to model off of lol or a locus or a vampire u should put those on the battle lol.


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how much would you say you spent on one figure!

this is something I would totally LOVE to do.

did you say the casts are made out of hot glue?


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Oooooh, interesting one here, incorporating the 405th members into the diorama.

A 405th diorama, too bad I don't have any special sort of armor to this occasion but, I'm sure others do.

Definitely for the sake of awesomeness, good way in representation of the 405th.


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Cha0sjump3r said:
im taking it that you work at game stop? ha ha you have a lot of kewl stuff!!
Lol, I was thinking the same thing. I want all that stuff.

The diorama is a cool idea and I hope it turns out great.
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This is totally off topic: Are your posters framed?

On topic: Those look really good and you're using glue?


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So part of me really wishes I had my armor done just so I could be an action figure, but I had an idea.

You should either do a spartan in pepped cardstock armor. He could be putting the last piece together or something.

or you should see if Ithica will let you use that pic of him in the blue armor holding the negligee in walmart.


@ Macattack64: Yea, all the posters are framed and signed by the creators from 343 studios, Bungie employees, Red Vs Blue, Pure pwnage, Conceptual artist from Microsoft, voice actors, ect...

the Griff Ball figure in the back has McFarlane's signature and the rvb cast.

To everyone else, I just went to Target and saw the new Halo figures and picked up Dare, Srg Forge, and an elite. So time to buy silicone...

Mean time, any suggetions as to what some cool poses would be? Situations that could be captured in the moment here?

and yes..... Hawght Gloo


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That is all.

(ill send a PM later, my legs aren't quite complete yet... is that ok?)
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spartan-087 said:
hey so roodkill did they have alot of them at our target or no? if so im goin there later tonight lol.

There were very few, I'm going back right now.

Sithslayer, yes, send me photos of your armor.
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ACDCrockr209 said:
Hmmm, I hope this isn't considered recasting.

It it isn't. I'm making my own!


it could be, as long as it's not sold :S

possibly, I don't know much anyway lol
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That's awesome! You've got yourself a lot of figures there. I've wanted to build a diorama myself, but hadn't thought of molding the figures...