The Hardware Rocket Launcher Tutorial

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The Rocket Launcher Tutorial
I. Supplies
II. Connecting the tubes
III. Making the "box"
IV. Making the handle
V. Painting
VI. Accesories
VII. Everything Else

To create a Rocket Launcher, you'll need two 4 and 1/2 foot long carboard tubes. You will also need a large amount of basic cardboard. You could also use PVC piping and pieces of plastic or wood to get a heavier, if not more realistic rocket launcher.
Connecting the Tubes
Now, get your tubes. You are going to wrap duct tape around the the main body and the "box". Easier than you think.
Making the Main Body
You will now need to cut out cardboard, four pieces, of equal length and size. Then, make a box. I reccomend using duct tape. Then, take spare cardboard and cut out the barrel.

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[b]Making the "Box"[/b]
This part I found the MOST difficult. You will basically need to cut out two pieces of cardboard, and a third strip. Attatch the two pieces together then to the back of the rocket launcher. Then bend the strip into three parts, and add it to the ends. Looking for a solution to this because of its diffuclty.

[b]Making the Handle[/b]
For this you will need PVC piping about 2-3 feet long.
First, cut out 5-6 pieces of cardboard about the size of a grip/handle. Then stack them up and wrap duct tape around them. Attatch as you see. Rinse, repeat on the next three parts.

This is basically your choice. You could go with a realistic look, brown on the body and "box" with gray on the rest, and black handles. Or you could make a ODST launcher, using an urban camo pattern. Or a camoflauge rocket launcher. Your choice.

You could add LEDS or anything you see fit.

[b]Everything Else[/b]
To make it with PVC and wood, use PVC Sewer Pipe for tubes, and wood for the box and handles. Use PVC piping (thin) for the rod by the handle. Paint with spraypaint.
Above all, make a good prop and have fun.


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I just cut the twp pieces for the barrels, going to work on the box tonight. The barrels I cut at 4 feet long, and the width of the barrel is... I saw.... jeez can't remember i'll have to go look again.
Nice man. I just got supplies today, can't glue without my dad...that means tomorrow, and were off on a family outing in tonight of the supplies.
I plan on building a box around the tubes. I then plan on cutting pieces of cardboard to fill in exposed areas.
Good point.

I might have to do some work to my angles... Lol maybe tomorrow I might have pics of it. Have to wait for my older step bro to get back with the dang camera...
Lol I grab whatever I can use... I just bring my laptop out to the garage and look for pieces that can work, and if they don't I chunk them aside.
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