The Holy Helmets of Halo

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Post the pics of the halo 3 mutiplayer armor and helmets here.

How many have been shown/leaked?

We don't want 1675834658 pics of the same helmet, so read before posting!
are those all the new spartan helmets that have been released? besides the eva's, I think there was one or two more...
If you watch the latest ViDoc, Cinema Paradiso, of which i could not find a complete version, there is a helmet type i dont think is mentioned here who gets sniped, i'll try to post a pic.

EDIT: Dont forget to grab the latest bungie podcast!

EDIT mk II: This one:

What was the end like? cos i DLd the large WMV version, because my xbox is currently taking a short vacation (ahem, broken) and the last half is broken, just after ... ok, now looking through my files, ive found its just disappeared. most odd... Media player even wanted my to DL some strange thing before it would play it, and VLC didnt like it too much either... oh well, im gonna DL it again...
Spartan: EVA,Ninja, and scout all look sweet :lol:

Btw correct me if I'm wrong but the elites sided with the USNC ever since theyve been kicked from the Covenant forces, along with their hunter brethren right? The reason I ask is because the scout helmet looks veeery similar to the hunters... :rolleyes
As opposed to saying I'm going to go with any one design, I'm gonna roll with 'em all. One character of every design....Now if I could just get high speed internet...
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